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Bohemian CC vs Brno Rangers, Czech Super Series T10 League, Today Match Prediction

12 Jul 2020 | 15:30 | Vinor Cricket Ground, Prague
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The winner-takes-it-all contest between Bohemian and Brno Rangers

  • Tripurari Kanhya Lal and Somsuvro Basu form a good bowling attack for the Brno Rangers and have done well
  • Brno Rangers’ batting line-up is stronger with hitters like Somesekhar Banerjee and Dylan Steyn in good form
  • Bohemian CC’s bowling attack lack depth and this was exposed in the first game of Day 1

Brno Rangers to win

  • Tournament: Czech Super Series T10 League
  • Format: T10
  • Venue: Vinor Cricket Ground, Prague
  • Toss: To Bat

bcccz vs brancz Match Prediction & Analysis

The last group game in the Championship Weekend at the Czech Republic T10 Super Series between the Bohemian CC and the Brno Rangers is nicely poised to be the most interesting one. Both the sides won a game each on the first day of the Championship Weekend and the side that wins this one would surely make it to the eliminator game or perhaps even the final. 
The sides would be satisfied with their performances so far in the tournament. Bohemian CC’s batting has so far stood out in the competition and they will look to repeat the same magic in the next game. As for the Brno Rangers they would be happy with the strong comeback them made in the last game on Day 1. With lot at stake for both the sides in the game it would be an interesting contest.

Teams Preview

Bohemian CC Preview

Javed Iqbal’s side did well on Day 1. They started with a 5 run loss against the Prague Spartans Vanguards in what was one of the most interesting contests of the season so far and then finished the day winning against the Prague Barbarians Vandals by 2 wickets. They will be up against a good bowling attack and Iqbal would want the best performance from his players. 
Saqlain Saqib Mukhtar and Zahid Mahmood will need to provide a good start. They have the range of strokes and need to put it to good use. Sazib Bhuiyan, Javed Iqbal and Abul Farhad add to the strength of the middle order and they are known to be good hitters of the ball. They will need to play to the merit of the ball and not become reckless against the good balls thrown at them
It is their bowling attack that will have to do well. They haven’t really done well in this part of the game. Iqbal will need to lead the attack and expect good support from Sazib Bhuiyan with the new ball. Ali Waqar and Abul Farhad will need to focus on bowling tight spells in this game. 

Bohemian CC Predicted Playing XI:

Javed Iqbal (c), Saqlain Saqib Mukhtar, Zahid Mahmood, Abul Farhad, Sazib Bhuiyan, Ravindra Singh Bist, Muhammad Nabeel (wk), Ali Waqar, Waheed Ur-Rehman, Waseem Sardar Khan, Saurabh Kakaria

Brno Rangers Preview

Naveed Ahmed would be happy with the comeback his side made in the last game against the Prague Barbarians Vandals winning it by 7 wickets. They had earlier lost to the Prague Spartans Vanguards by 7 runs in a close game. With his bowlers looking in good form Ahmed will want the team to put up a strong show in this game. 
They will need a good start from Somesekhar Banerjee and Saquib Sadiq. Banerjee has played well in the tournament so far. The middle order has good hitters of the ball in Tripurari Kanhya Lal, Dylan Steyn and Vikram Padigala. Naveed Ahmed towards the end of the innings would have to score quick runs for his side. 
Their bowlers have displayed good form throughout the tournament and the side would expect Rahat Ali and Somsuvro Basu to continue with their good form in this game. They would also expect good support from Sandeep Tiwari with the new ball. Naveed Ahmed and Tripurari Kanhya Lal add to their bowling options. 

Brno Rangers Predicted Playing XI:

Naveed Ahmed (c), Somesekhar Banerjee, Saquib Sadiq, Ushan Guanthilake (wk), Vikram Padigala, Dylan Steyn, Tripurari Kanhya Lal, Anthony Francis, Somsuvro Basu, Sandeep Tiwari, Rahat Ali

Pitch And Weather Conditions

Hr Temp Rain W. speed W. direction Clouds
00h 11 0 mm. 1.16 k/h From: WNW 24%
03h 11 0 mm. 1.21 k/h From: W 7%
06h 14 0 mm. 1.58 k/h From: NW 2%
09h 18 0 mm. 2.27 k/h From: NNW 0%
12h 20 0.20 mm. 3.07 k/h From: NNW 5%
15h 20 0.19 mm. 2.63 k/h From: N 36%
18h 18 0 mm. 2.29 k/h From: N 25%
21h 14 0 mm. 1.48 k/h From: NNE 2%

Weather Conditions

The skies would clear over Prague on July 12 though there would be the odd clouds as per the weatherman. The pitch is a belter and is allowing the batsmen to commit themselves on the front foot. There is little margin of error for the bowlers. The side batting first would have to eye a score of around 100 runs to feel comfortable here.  

Venue Details

Batsmen have taken advantage of the small size of the Vinor Cricket Ground and play their strokes freely in the air. The thick grass cover makes it difficult to score boundaries at this venue. Fast bowlers get assistance from the surface with the new ball. However there isn’t much for the spinners on this surface. 

Toss: To Bat

The sides batting first have won the last 10 out of 12 games that have been played at this venue. The pitch is a good one to bat first and set up a good score on the board. Hence we don’t expect either of the captains having much of hesitation in batting first on this surface. 

BCCCZ vs BRANCZ Winning Prediction

This will be a very interesting game given the kind of performances we have seen from the two sides on the opening day of the Championship Weekend. The Bohemian CC has a very powerful batting line-up and shall look to test their opponents with that. Their bowlers are inexperienced and this creates problems for the side. The Brno Rangers on the other hand have good depth in both their batting and bowling having many all-rounders in the side. This will put them slightly ahead going into this big game. 

Brno Rangers to win

Author: S. Bhatarjee