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Gujarat Giants vs U.P. Yoddha, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

SDAT Multi purpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai


GUJARAT GIANTS won the match

Mid-season crisis as Gujarat Giants take on the UP Yodha.

  • UP Yodha got thrashed by 17 points by the Pink Panthers in their last match.
  • Gujarat Giants lost a close match to the Haryana Steelers.
  • The Yodha is placed 7th while the Giants are placed 5th in the points table.

This will be a TIE.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: SDAT Multi purpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai

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Welcome to the clash between teams which are going through a mid-season crisis. Both Gujarat and UP have a wonderful groups of players but their last few matches have been exceptions. The UP Yodha was forced to TIE against the Bengal Warriors and what followed was a shock for their fans. The Yodha got thrashed by the Jaipur Pink Panthers by 17 points. 

Gujarat Giants too are going through a similar phase. After winning 3 consecutive matches, they stumbled in the next couple of games. They lost to the Jaipur Pink Panthers followed by a defeat at the hands of the Haryana Steelers. Though both the matches went down the wire, loss of intensity was evident among the Giants. Both UP and Gujarat have been hammered by the Jaipur Pink Panthers in their last few matches. Hence this will be an encounter where both teams will aim for a revival. Gujarat Giants have dominated the Yodha as they have won 5 out of their 9 encounters. Though both teams have settled for a TIE is a couple of games in the past, this match assumes a lot of significance.

The Yodha is running out of gas while the Gujarat Giants seem to travelling in the opposite direction. Whatever may be the outcome, the fans will enjoy an entertaining bout.

Gujarat Giants Preview

One of the most mercurial sides of the league, the Gujarat Giants have faltered in their last few matches. They won 3 consecutive matches only to lose the next few. They lost to the defending champions and then to the Haryana Steelers. Gujarat Giants have been adaptive and dynamic during the matches. But sometimes these tactics backfire. They led by 8 points against the Pink Panthers only to lose the match by 3 points. Against the Haryana Steelers, the Giants were slow to take-off and lost the match by 7 points. 

After playing 6 matches, Gujarat Giants are placed 5th in the points table with 18 points and a score difference of 3. Young raider Sonu has emerged as the find of the season. He has scored 50 raid points from 6 matches which includes 4 Super 10’s and 4 Super raids. Whenever Sonu has blasted the opposition with multi point raids, Gujarat has won the match. They also have used the services of veteran raider Rakesh and Prateek Dahiya. But all-rounder Rohit Gulia has given them an additional raiding option apart from his exploits in the defense.

Captain Fazel Attrachali has brewed a unique flavor in the Gujarat Giants. He has been lethal apart from being an exceptional leader. Fazel has been supported impressively by defenders Sombir, Arkam Shaikh and Saurav Gulia. Overall the Gujarat defense has hunted effectively in most of their matches. Unfortunately, the Gujarat Giants get trapped in their own web. They are able to confuse their opponents on most occasions by varying the pace of the game. But in doing so they lose intensity at crucial moments. This happened against the Jaipur Pink Panthers when the Giants were leading by 8 points at half-time. They ended losing that match by a margin of 3 points. 

They will be up against the mighty UP Yodha who seem to be having a mid-season crisis. Gujarat Giants have generally enjoyed a good record against the UP. Gujarat has won 5 out of their 9 encounters with 2 matches ending in a TIE. Most of their games against UP have been high scoring ones but this match could be different. This will be an entertaining face-off between Surinder Gill and Fazel Attrachali. On the other hand, Gujarat raider Sonu will have to overcome the strong UP defense to take his team past the finish line.

U.P. Yoddha Preview

UP Yodha are placed 7th in the points table after playing 6 matches. They have won just 2 games and they were forced to settle for a TIE in their match against the Bengal Warriors. This was a match they should have won. Yodha lost their way post this result and ended up on the losing side in their next bout against the Jaipur Pink Panthers.  

Just like season 9, Captain Pardeep Narwal has been decoded by most of the teams and he has to play second fiddle to raider Surinder Gill. Surinder has been devastating with his hunting as he has earned 62 raid points from 42 successful raids. This includes 3 Super raids. He scored heavily against the Bengal Warriors even when his captain was sidelined by the Bengal defenders. 

Unfortunately, the Jaipur Pink Panthers used a unique strategy against the UP Yodha. They cornered both Pardeep and Surinder Gill thus blocking the earnings. Both could score just 8 raid points between them as the Yodha succumbed to a 17 point defeat. UP Yodha will have to bounce back after this debacle. But the Yodha has one of the best defense in the league. Defenders Gurdeep, Sumit and Nitesh Kumar have executed 47 successful tackles between them. 

UP has a success rate of 44% in team tackles and that is their strength. They have inflicted 11 all-outs in 6 matches which is just behind leaders Puneri Paltan. UP Yodha has also earned 16 Do-or-Die raid points which illustrates the variety in their approach. But the Yodha has been stung badly in their last 2 matches. They need to recover and recharge themselves quickly as they take on the Gujarat Giants. 

They will be up against the cunning Sultan Fazel Attrachali who will target Pardeep Narwal and Surinder Gill. With a tight defense UP Yodha needs the steady income from their raiders. All-rounder Vijay Malik has also contributed handsomely and he will be the key player for UP in their most important bout against the Gujarat Giants.

Welcome to another entertaining encounter of season 10 as the Gujarat Giants take on UP Yodha. Gujarat will be quick to start the game with some spicy raids form Sonu and Rakesh. One of them will score a Super 10. Left corner Fazel Attrachali will target UP raider Surinder Gill. But the other Gujarat defenders may leak points through unforced errors. 

All-rounders Rohit Gulia and Nabibaksh will play an important role in keeping Pardeep Narwal off the mat. But Pardeep will return strongly which will trouble the Gujarat Giants. UP defenders Sumit and Gurdeep will be particularly deadly against Gujarat raider Sonu. The second half of the match will be full of surprises as both teams will fall back on plan B using different players. 

This will add to the entertainment as players from both teams may get a bit rough in the second half. Fazel Attrachali will be very aggressive in the first half but UP raider Surinder will score a Super 10. If UP all-rounder Vijay Malik is able to score more than 5 raid points, it will be advantage UP. But overall this match will be full of fireworks as both teams will share the honors.

This will be a TIE.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino