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Haryana Steelers vs Dabang Delhi K.C., Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match

Northern derby 2.0 at Hyderabad.

  • Haryana Steelers defeated Dabang Delhi by 2 points on 10th December 2023.
  • Dabang Delhi defeated U Mumba in their last match.
  • Steelers have won 8 out of their 14 matches.

Dabang Delhi will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

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Welcome to the contest of teams in the top 5. Haryana Steelers have worked overtime to push themselves to the 5th spot in the points table while Dabang Delhi has been hovering in the top 3. Both teams have won 8 out of their 14 matches. Haryana Steelers had a tough time in their last match as they lost to the Jaipur Pink Panthers by a margin of 10 points. It was the inability of their raiders to seize the opportunity that led to this defeat. Dabang Delhi displayed grit and agility as they beat U Mumba in a close match. Captain Ashu Malik hammered 17 points even as the Dabang defense failed to rise to the occasion. The absence of Naveen Kumar is not a major concern of Delhi anymore. 

Delhi had lost to the Haryana Steelers in their first league contest of this season. It was a close match where Haryana won by just 2 points. Dabang Delhi has issues with its defense while the Steelers are yet to settle down with a decent raiding combination. This will be an explosive match as any team which wins, will jump in to the top 2 in the points table.

Haryana Steelers Preview

The Haryana Steelers have quietly overtaken a lot of teams to place themselves in the upper half of the points table. They have own 8 out of their 14 matches even though they are still struggling with their raiding. Raider Siddharth Desai has not set the mat on fire and veteran Chandran Ranjit is not available. Hence it’s all up to the young raiders Vinay and Shivam Patare. Coach Manpreet has been trying to just survive each match as their raiding combination has not materialized. He has used the services of all-rounder Ashish, Prapanjan and young Tejas Patil. Will the Steelers be able to live a hand to mouth existence? 

But the Haryana Steelers have developed a steely defense over the last 14 matches. They look fragile initially but Captain Jaideep, Mohit Nandal and Rahul Sethpal has been ruthless. Young raider Naveen Kundu surprised everyone with a 4 tackle point burst against the Jaipur Pink Panthers. Hence the Steelers will be quite confident as they take on regional rivals Dabang Delhi. But as the tournament is progressing in its next phase, the Haryana Steelers may just miss out on the killer punch. They had a tough time against the Jaipur Pink Panthers as they lost the match by a margin of 10 points. Their defenders earned 12 out of the 27 team points. Unfortunately the Steelers conceded 2 all-outs in the entire match too. Surviving such a long tournament will be a challenge. Will they run out of gas in the final league state?

Star raider Siddharth Desai needs to be more agile as he looks a bit slow at times. Most of the opposition teams have decoded ways to trap him collectively. Vinay has provided that additional raiding option. Yet the Steelers seem to be short of the third raider if in case Siddharth and Vinay are not able to score.

The Haryana Steelers have troubled Dabang Delhi as they have won 8 out of their 13 encounters. Steelers lost both their league matches to Dabang Delhi in season 9. But this year they were able to defeat the much fancied former champions. Hence coach Manpreet and captain Jaideep will plan a web of effective tackles to trap and hunt down Dabang raiders to win the match. But this will not be an easy task.

Dabang Delhi K.C. Preview

Former champions had a lukewarm start to the season as they fumbled in their first match. But they recovered in time to place themselves in the top 3. They have won 8 out of their 14 matches. Dabang Delhi have learnt to live without Naveen Kumar. Young Captain Ashu Malik has stepped in successfully as he has led his team to victory in 3 out of their last 5 matches. Dabang Delhi has sorted its raiding department, but they seem to have issues with the defense. Former Champions started the season with a lot of young defenders. Corners Yogesh and Ashish have been phenomenal and Mohit and Vikrant have added strength to their defensive wall. 

Right corner has executed 33 successful tackles in 14 matches while Ashish has added another 31 in 13 games. They may not be in the top 10, but both have hunted in style. Superstar Naveen was out of action after playing just 6 matches in which he scored 71 points. Dabang Delhi did wobble after he was out of action but Ashu Malik has been impressive since then. Ashu has earned 143 raid points in 14 matches and is currently behind leader Arjun Deshwal of the Pink Panthers. Ashu Malik single-handedly won their last match as he hammered 17 raid points against U Mumba. Veteran defender Vishal Bharadwaj scored a Hi 5 as Dabang won their 8th match of the season. 

Dabang Delhi have the highest success rate in team raids which is about 43%. This is courtesy young raiders like Ashu Malik and Manjeet Sharma. 

They have an efficiency of 38% in team tackles and this is the area where they need some improvements. 

Dabang Delhi has had a tough week. They were forced to TIE against the Patna Pirates and then lost a low scoring match to the Gujarat Giants. Delhi bounced back in style as they blanked out arch-rivals U Mumba to set up their next league clash with the Haryana Steelers. The Steelers have troubled Dabang Delhi over the years. Delhi has won only 5 out of their 13 encounters though they beat the Steelers twice during the league stage last year. Delhi lost by just 2 points when they clashed with the Steelers on 10th December, 2023. Hence Dabang will be looking for redemption.

Welcome to the contest between the regional rivals of the north, Haryana Steelers and Dabang Delhi. Both teams have won 8 out of their 14 matches. This will be the breakout match as one of the teams will jump up the ladder. Haryana Steelers had a great fall against the Jaipur Pink Panthers in their last match as their raiders were not effective. Haryana will face the same issue against Delhi. Coach Manpreet will be forced to try out various raiders. But defenders Rahul Sethpal and Jaideep Dahiya will be precise with their hunting. They will get good support from young Naveen Kundu and Mohit Nandal.

Dabang Delhi will expect their captain Ashu Malik to score a huge Super 10. Support raiders may struggle to earn points. But the Delhi defense will come to the party in the second half. Veteran Vishal Bharadwaj may be drafted post half-time. Corners Yogesh and Ashish will trouble the Haryana raiders through the match. Dabang has a slight advantage over their regional rivals. The team which will concede more all-outs will lose the match.

Dabang Delhi will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino