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Haryana Steelers vs Patna Pirates, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

100th match of Season 9!!!

  • Patna Pirates had to work overtime to beat the Telegu Titans in their last game.
  • The Haryana Steelers have conceded 24 all-out in their 16 matches.
  • Patna Pirates have earned 84 Do-or-Die raid points.

Haryana Steelers will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

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Welcome to the 100th match of season 9 which has produced some shocking results and has witnessed the rise of new young stars. It was expected that Haryana Steelers and the Patna Pirates will be the top contenders but both teams have struggled. 

Haryana Steelers have not been able to dominate even though they have very good players in the form of Manjeet Dahiya, Meetu Sharma, and defender Jaideep. Coach Manpreet Singh could not get that cunningness in the players due to which the Steelers lost a lot of matches.

The Patna Pirates have been highly erratic. They woke up only after losing the first 5 games of the season. The Pirates staged a grand comeback mid-season to elevate the mood of their fans. But off-late they have been made to work hard even by teams like the Telegu Titans. 

The Haryana Steelers pose a great danger to the Pirates as they have nothing to lose. The Pirates still have an outside chance to make it to the playoff as they will steal points for a change.

Haryana Steelers Preview

The Haryana Steelers have not earned a lot of happy moments for themselves this season. They have struggled and it continues as they enter the 100th match of this season. Even with a young and vibrant team, the Steelers have limped in most games losing intensity at crucial moments.

They find themselves in the bottom half of the points table with the impossible task to win all their remaining games with big margins in order to give themselves an outside chance to qualify for the playoff. They will be up against arch-rivals Patna Pirates who are struggling too.

The Steelers have managed to win just 1 out of their last 5 matches. They lost their last 2 games by big margins, first to the Puneri Paltan followed by Dabang Delhi. They need to regroup for their last few matches and play with pride and aggression for their fans.

Their performance against the Paltan was quite embarrassing as they could score just 5 raid points in the first half along with 2 all-outs in the entire match. off late they have used the services of raider Prapanjan who has done well in the chances given to him. The long season has taken a toll on raiders Manjeet and Meetu Sharma who looked invincible at the beginning of the season. It was the same story against Dabang Delhi where the Steelers could manage just 7 tackle points in the entire match.

The Haryana Steelers need to reboot and play for their fans. They cannot let their guard down against the Patna Pirates whom they can exploit.

The Steelers have scored 8 Super raids in the season along with 13 Super tackles. 

Raiders Meetu Sharma, Manjeet, and Vinay have executed 2 Super raids each.

Defender Jaideep Dahiya has executed 41 successful tackles this season which is quite impressive.

The Steelers need to believe in themselves and go all out against the Patna Pirates. If they win this game, they will give themselves an outside chance for the playoff.

Patna Pirates Preview

Former Champions Patna Pirates have not been their natural self on the mat this season. Their performance has been similar to the pendulum. They have oscillated between being inconsistent to unbelievable. They are at crossroads with just 6 matches remaining. They will be desperate to win every match from here as they get ready to take on the Haryana Steelers.

The Pirates have a lot of leakages in their team which has not been sorted during regular over-haul. Fatigue has also set in as raider Sachin Tanwar was not available in one of the games. Surprisingly it was the Iranian all-rounder Mohammedreza who blasted Dabang Delhi to earn 19 out of the total 27 team points. The Pirates lost that match only to meet the Telegu Titans in their next game. They struggled to beat them which proves that all is not well in the Pirate's camp.

They have been forced to use players from the bench as the regulars are either injured or fatigued. The Pirates needs to gather all its resources and courage as the tournament has entered the business end. 

Mohammedreza scored the maximum tackle points in a match against Dabang.

Defender Sunil has executed 35 successful tackles in 16 matches.

The Pirates have scored 84 DoD raid points which is the highest among all teams.

The Pirates will be concerned about their raiding as Sachin Tanwar looks fatigued. He has already earned 144 raid s points in 15 matches but he lacks the support from other raiders. Rohit Gulia was his side-kick in the initial part of the season, but the Pirates missed a decent raiding trio.

They have tried the services of raiders Monu and Ranjit Naik off-late. Defenders Manish and Captain Neeraj Kumar have been average this season adding to their woes. The Pirates beat the Steelers earlier in the season due to their solid defense not only trapped the raiders from Haryana but also inflicted 3 all-outs in that game. 

The Pirates need to just repeat that performance so as to keep their hopes alive in the tournament.

Welcome to match number 100 of season 9 as the Patna Pirates fight for survival against the Haryana Steelers. Both teams need to win all their games from here but someone will have to bow down in the ceasefire.

The Haryana Steelers have nothing to lose and they can be dangerous. Raider Prapanjan will lead the attack along with Meetu and Manjeet. The trio will try and stay away from Mohammedreza but exploit the slippery Patna defense. They will earn well to push the Pirates on the back foot. Defender Jaideep Dahiya will be lethal as he will target Patna raider Sachin Tanwar. 

The Pirates will expect Sachin Tanwar to coordinate with Rohit Gulia to get raid points for their team as Patna will need some cushion of points. Left corner Mohammedreza and Sunil will make life difficult for Haryana raiders Manjeet and Meetu. But the Patna defense will be slippery and may just concede an all-out in the match.

This will be an explosive as well as memorable 100th match of season 9.

Haryana Steelers will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino