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Haryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

SMS Indoor stadium, Jaipur


HARYANA STEELERS won the match

Haryana Steelers take on the recharged Thalaiva.

  • Tamil Thalaiva won their first game after losing 4 consecutive matches.
  • Haryana Steelers have won 6 out of their 11 matches.
  • Both teams have played out 3 Tied matches out of their 10 encounters.

Tamil Thalaiva will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: SMS Indoor stadium, Jaipur

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The Haryana Steelers forced a TIE in their last match against U Mumba. It was a high scoring game which could have slipped out of Haryana’s grasp. But they held their nerve to share points with U Mumba. They have lost 2 out of their last 5 matches. The Steelers are comfortably placed 6th in the points table but they need to win more matches so that they can remain in the top 5. On the other hand, the Tamil Thalaiva overcame a drought as they defeated the UP Yodha in style. The Thalaiva won by a margin of 19 points which would have given them a shot in the arm. 

Tamil Thalaiva were very impressive in their first 5 matches. They went through a dry phase for the next 4-5 games as their fans were shocked to see their team run out of gas. But their performance against the Yodha has raised hopes. Tamil will be up against the agile Haryana Steelers. Both teams need to win this match desperately. While he Haryana Steelers are still dependent on a combined effort from their raiders, Narender Kandola is back in form for the Tamil Thalaiva. Hence this match is expected to be full of fireworks and may go down the wire.

Haryana Steelers Preview

The Haryana Steelers have been lukewarm through the season. They struggled with their raiding at the beginning of the tournament as Superstar Siddharth Desai had a false start. The Steelers took some time to restructure their raiding combination. Now they have a settled team of veteran raider Chandran Ranjit, Vinay and Shivam Patare. They have used Siddharth Desai as and when required and this move has produced favourable results. 

Their biggest asset is their defense. Corners Rahul Sethpal and Mohit have been very consistent while Captain Jaideep Dahiya and Mohit Nandal are slowly warming up. Both these top defenders have executed 60 successful tackles between them in 11 matches. Coach Manpreet has used his limited resources very intelligently. Still the Haryana Steelers need to punch above their weight. They are placed 6th in the points table after winning 6 out of their 11 matches. Haryana surprised U Mumba in the last match which was a high scoring one. The Steelers forced a TIE against a much stronger U Mumba. This was due to their tactical moves, especially in the second half. None of their raiders could score a Super 10 but Captain Jaideep and Rahul Sethpal were ruthless with their blocks and holds. Both earned a Hi 5 each. The Steelers survived some nervous moments as they were bundled out twice in the second half. But it was their defenders who saved the day for them. Haryana has won 2 out of their last 5 matches, losing 2 and have TIED their last game. Overall the Steelers are playing quite well but they have not dominated their opponents. They are also dependent of team-work rather than any single player.

Haryana will be up against the Tamil Thalaiva who thrashed the UP Yodha in their last match. The Steelers have to be careful as the Thalaiva can be a tricky customer. Both teams have settled for a TIE in 3 out of their 10 matches. Haryana Steelers had comfortably defeated the Thalaiva last month. But their opponents have recharged themselves in the last match, hence this could be an interesting outing for the Haryana Steelers.

Tamil Thalaivas Preview

The Tamil Thalaiva is back after a dominant victory over the UP Yodha. The Thalaiva was struggling in their last 4 -5 matches which took a toll on them. They slipped down to the 11th spot in the points table. The men in yellow have won just 3 of their 11 matches. Captain Sagar and all-rounder Sahil Gulia have been their pillars. Both defenders have punched above their weight while carrying the hopes of the team on their shoulders. Both veteran players have executed 67 successful tackles in 10 matches. Still the Thalaiva has not won enough matches. This has been primarily due to the breakdown in their raiding. Narender Kandola and Ajinkya Pawar were to earn consistently, but both have gone through a rough phase. 

Narender and Ajinkya have scored 147 raid points in 11 matches. This is below average as Jaipur raider Arjun Deshwal has scored 121 alone in this season. They have tried out a few young raiders like Nitin Singh, Vishal Chahal and Himanshu. But none of them have been able to forge a combination. But the way Tamil Thalaiva operated against the UP Yodha, they will be very confident to take on the Haryana Steelers. M Abhishek and Mohit have been scratchy. Hence the Thalaiva is not able to bank on its defense totally. 

The success rate for team raids is just about 35% for the Thalaiva. 

Their efficiency in team tackles is about 42% which is impressive. Yet they have conceded 401 points in 11 matches.

Tamil Thalaiva has inflicted 12 all-outs while conceding 11 in the tournament. This is an area where they have missed out on earning additional points. 

The men in yellow lost to the Haryana Steelers in their last outing of the season. They lost by a margin of 13 points on 25th December 2023. Will they be able to beat the jinx? Will the Thalaiva be able to overcome nervous moments to defeat the Steelers?

They have an opportunity as their team effort helped them to thrash the UP Yodha. If the Tamil Thalaiva is able to overcome self-doubts, a victory in this match will help them build momentum.

A contest between struggling teams is always a special one. Especially when both teams have overcome difficult moments. Haryana Steelers are like talented kids in school who can perform better. Raiders Chandran Ranjit and Vinay have forged a decent combination which will help Haryana earn through the match. If Siddharth Desai is able to earn 5-7 additional points, this will help the Steelers seize the match. Captain Jaideep and right corner Rahul Sethpal will be very aggressive towards the Tamil raiders. Haryana defenders will try to exert pressure early in the first half. They will aim for inflicting an early all-out. 

Tamil Thalaiva has to play within its limitations. Raider Narender Kandola will earn a Super 10 but he may not get the support of other raiders. But Captain Sagar Rathi and Sahil Gulia will be spicy in their tackles. The Thalaiva will slow down the game as their raid earning may not be good. Hence both teams will be cautious in the first half. Post half-time, the Thalaiva may get aggressive and this will result in total entertainment. 

This will be a perfect face-off between the defense of both teams.

Tamil Thalaiva will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino