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Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida


PATNA PIRATES won the match

Broke Pirates take on motivated Steelers.

  • Patna Pirates were blanked out by the Puneri Paltan in their last match.
  • Haryana Steelers defeated Tamil Thalaiva by a margin of 13 points.
  • Pirates have slipped to the 9th spot while the Steelers are 2nd in the points table.

Haryana Steelers will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida

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The Patna Pirates have been robbed by almost all the teams they have faced. Instead of looting their opponents, the Pirates are broke after playing 7 matches out of which they have managed to win just 3. They were thrashed by the Puneri Paltan in their last match. Their defense was fragile while their raiding broke down completely. They lost the match by a margin of 18 points as none of their raiders could complete a Super 10. On the other hand the Haryana Steelers handed a smashing defeat to the Tamil Thalaiva. Though their raiders did not earn enough, Captain Jaideep Dahiya and Rahul Sethpal scored a Hi 5 each. The Steelers defense was impregnable as they hunted with precision. 

Patna Pirates are in a spot of bother as they have not got their act together. Neither their raiding is effective nor their defense. They will be up against one of the most deadly defenses in the tournament. The Haryana Steelers have found their mojo. They have been dynamic in their approach during the match which has helped them adapt to different situations. This will be a tough match for the Patna Pirates as the Steelers would be ready to steal them at will.

Patna Pirates Preview

3 time champions, The Patna Pirates are going through an identity crisis since last season. They punted on young players and since then the Pirates have not been able to assemble a decent combination. Placed 9th in the points table, the Pirates have lost 4 out of their 7 matches. They beat the Tamil Thalaiva last week only to be hammered by the Puneri Paltan in their next bout. Their trump card raider Sachin has not been effective at all. The Pirates are dependent on their second and third raiders while their defense looks fragile. 

Their success rate in team tackles is just 33% which is the lowest among all teams. Hence the margin of defeat is very high whenever the Patna defense has collapsed. Patna has conceded 268 team points apart the 10 all-outs they have conceded in 7 games. This keeps them chasing their opponents in most games. The Pirates are seriously missing Iranian all-rounder Mohammedreza who was part of their team last year. Since his move to the Puneri Paltan, the Pirates have not been able to find any able replacement. 

Defender Krishnan is their only defender who has been consistent. He has executed 20 successful tackles in 7 matches. But one needs to form a wall of defense and only individual bricks are not sufficient. Captain Neeraj Kumar and defender Ankit have given away a lot of points due to unforced errors. Due to the fragile defense, the Pirates end up getting stolen rather than conning their opponents. 

Another major concern for the Pirates is their lack of intensity in the first half of every match. They have consistently conceded all-outs in the first 10-15 minutes of every match. Add to this raider Sachin’s bad form which makes it difficult for the Pirates to earn. All these issues have pushed them to the 9th spot in the points table. They will be up against a very aggressive Haryana Steelers who beat the Tamil Thalaiva convincingly in their last match. The Pirates have generally given a tough fight to the Steelers over the years. But on current form, they lag far behind their opponents. This will be a very important match for Patna as the result of this game will decide their fortune in the remainder of the league.

Haryana Steelers Preview

The Hayana Steelers are gearing up at the right time in the tournament. After a shaky start, they have found the perfect recipe to cook the 40 minutes on the mat. They have won 5 out of their 7 matches helping them reach the 4th spot in the points table with 26 points. They defeated the Tamil Thalaiva by a margin of 13 points in their last match. The Steelers have taken very logical steps after they lost a couple of games early in the season. They decided to replace superstar Siddharth Desai as he was not effective at all. This was a huge decision as the Haryana Steelers had signed him for a hefty amount in the auctions. 

The Steelers went ahead with the young raiding pair of Vinay and Shivam Patare as experienced Siddharth and Manjeet were terribly out of form. Shivam scored 8 raid points in the last match. He has earned 30 points in 6 matches and has been perfect side-kick to Vinay. The Steelers have not suffered in their defense due to the instability in the raiding department. This has helped them win matches under pressure. Captain Jaideep Dahiya and right corner Rahul Sethpal have been deadly with their tackles. Both scored a Hi 5 in the last match. Apart from Rahul and Jaideep, right cover Mohit has executed 19 successful tackles in 7 matches. Left corner Mohit has also contributed to the cause of the team. This makes the Steelers unbeatable. 

Though they lost to the Telegu Titans earlier in the week, the Steelers have brewed a very strong unit. They have already defeated the Puneri Paltan and Dabang Delhi in the tournament. Coach Manpreet has instilled a lot of confidence in his team apart from using some unknown youngsters tactically in some matches. This has helped the Haryana Steelers tide over difficult situations. 

Haryana Steelers will be up against a wayward Patna Pirates. Though the Steelers are in red-hot form, they need to be careful against Patna. Haryana has won 4 out of their 9 encounters with the Pirates. They lost one of their league games to Patna last year. Though the Pirates look fragile, Steelers cannot take them lightly.

This will be a David versus Goliath kind of match for the Patna Pirates. They look completely out of shape as they have won just 3 out of their 7 matches. Raider Sachin has not been able to set the mat on fire. Hence the Pirates will depend on M Sudhakar and Sandeep Kumar for their earnings. None of the Patna raiders may score a Super 10. The Pirates may find it difficult to trap the Haryana raiders. They may concede an all-out early in the first half.

Haryana will use the services of raiders Vinay and Shivam Patare for quick points. Once they take a comfortable lead, they will allow Siddharth Desai some mat time. Right corner Rahul Sethpal and captain Jaideep will be ruthless on their opponents. At least 2 Haryana defenders will score a Hi 5. Haryana coach Manpreet was part of the title winning squad of the Patna Pirates in his playing days, hence he knowns the DNA of the Pirates. The Patna Pirates may generate some momentum in the second half, making this match very entertaining. But overall the Pirates will find it difficult to survive the 40 minutes on the mat.

Haryana Steelers will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino