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Patna Pirates vs U Mumba, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata


PATNA PIRATES won the match

Directionless U Mumba to take on the Patna Pirates.

  • Patna Pirates are placed 4th in the points table.
  • U Mumba has won just 6 out of their 18 matches this season.
  • The Pirates shocked the defending champions Jaipur in their last match.

Patna Pirates will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

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Former champions U Mumba have lost the zing this season. They could not maintain the intensity that they had garnered in the first few weeks of the season. Currently placed 10th in the points table, Mumba is more or less out of the race for the next round. They lost their last match to the Bengaluru Bulls even though raider Jai Bhagwan scored a Super 10. They will be up against the revitalized Patna Pirates who have bounced back to reach the 4th spot in the points table.

The Pirates shocked the Jaipur Pink Panthers in their last match. Raider M Sudhakar surprised Jaipur with a Super 10 while Sachin Tanwar added to their misery. Defender Krishnan added a Hi 5 to seal the deal. The Pirates looked out of sorts in the first few weeks of the tournament, but they are getting better with each match. They lost to Mumba in their first encounter on 15th December 2023. But a lot has changed for both teams since then. This will be a golden opportunity for the Pirates to push their claim up the points table. But Mumba has been known to be a tricky customer. If U Mumba can spoil the Pirates party, a few other teams will be happy with the result.

Patna Pirates Preview

3 time champions Patna Pirates had one of the worst seasons last year as they finished 11th in the points table. Unfortunately they could not gather any momentum which resulted in them losing close matches, those which they should have one. But the Pirates are back in style as they have not lost a single game in their last 5 outings. Suddenly they have found their mojo which has clicked for them. They shocked the defending champions, Jaipur Pink Panthers in their last match. This was one of their best performances though the defense looked a bit fragile. As Sachin Tanwar pounded 10 points, it was raider M Sudhakar who was the connoisseur of all eyes as he too scored a Super 10. As usual, defender Krishnan earned a Hi 5 as the Patna Pirates won the match by a margin of 3 points. This result pushed them to the 4th spot in the points table. Patna has won 9 out of their 19 matches. 

The Pirates have maintained their raiding combination with Sachin Tanwar and Manjeet Chillar at the helm of affairs. They have the services of raiders like Rakesh Narwal along with Kunal Mehta, Sudhakar, Ranjit Naik, Anuj and Sandeep Kumar. After smashing the Gujarat Giants a couple of weeks back, the Pirates were held for a TIE by the Bengaluru Bulls. But Patna bounced back to earn some brownie points against Jaipur. The bigger question is will the Pirates be able to maintain this momentum?

The Pirates have inflicted 26 all-outs in their 19 matches.

Their success rate in team raids has improved to about 39% while their efficiency in team tackles is about 38%. This needs to improve. With the likes of Mayur Kadam and Manish, defenders Krisnan and Ankit could lead the way for the Patna Pirates. 

They will have to regroup immediately as they take on U Mumba. The Pirates need to build some momentum in their last couple of league games. Patna Pirates have not been able to dominate U Mumba over the years. They lost to Mumba by just 2 points earlier in the season. This will be an important game for them as any fluctuation in their form may have long term consequences.

U Mumba Preview

Former champions have not be able to weave the magic combination this season. They started with a convincing victory over the UP Yodha, but since then U Mumba has faltered regularly. U Mumba has not won a single game in their last 5 outings. This has resulted in them being relegated to the 10th spot in the points table. Somehow their raiding hasn’t given them dividends this season. With the absence of Guman Singh, things have become tough for U Mumba. Guman Singh earned 151 raid points in 122 successful raids. But a freak injury has kept him out for the last few matches. This has further weakened the Mumba line-up. 

U Mumba lost to the Bengaluru Bulls in their last match by a margin of 5 points. Raider Jai Bhagwan was impressive as he scored a Super 10. Zafardanesh added another 5 raiding points but Mumba fell short of the third raider. Defenders Sombir hunted with precision to score 6 tackle points while Mahender Singh was ruthless. But Mumba was short of a killer punch in their defense too. This has been the case with them through the season. U Mumba should have won this match or at least forced a TIE. With just 6 victories out of 18 matches, it is the end of the road for them in this season. Mumba has lost 4 consecutive matches. They look fatigued as well as out of back-up. The long season has taken a toll on them.

U Mumba has conceded 694 team points which is next to the Telegu Titans who has conceded the highest points by any team. 

Mumba has an efficiency of 39% in team raids while their success rate in team tackles is about 36%. They have not been able to go that extra mile in both departments. 

With 24 all-outs being conceded in 18 games, Mumba always has been behind their opponents. But U Mumba defeated the Patna Pirates in their last meeting. This was a high scoring game as Mumba prevailed by just 2 points. But a lot has changed since then. Mumba are stuggling while the Pirates are in red hot form. Mumba have dominated the Pirates as they have won 11 out of their 19 games. 1 match ended in a TIE. Most of their encounters have been low scoring matches. But currently both teams are terribly out of form which may result in fireworks and a treat for the fans at the Netaji Indoor Stadium at Kolkata.

Welcome the another exciting encounter as the out of form U Mumba take on the spicy Patna Pirates. Patna has recharged themselves in time to move in to the top 5. But they still have a lot of issues with their raiding which has been generally inconsistent. Captain Sachin Tanwar scored a Super 10 in the last match and he will repeat the same. Sudhakar and Manjeet will complement him. But the Pirates will unleash their defense from the first raid itself. Defenders Krishnan, Ankit and Mayur Kadam will be ruthless against the Mumba raiders. The Pirates will lead by half-time and they may also inflict an all-out. 

U Mumba will try and play safe by slowing down the game. Raiders Jai Bhagwan and Zafardanesh will earn raid points but none of them will be able to score a Super 10. Mumba defense will be scratchy but left corner Sombir and Mahender Singh will execute some wonderful tackles. Captain Surender Singh will leak points due to unforced errors. This will be a tough outing for Mumba who look fatigued. But the Patna Pirates will push for a big win which will help them in the score difference.

Patna Pirates will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino