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Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Badminton Hall in Balewadi sports complex, Pune

HARYANA STEELERS won the match

Fight for momentum as the Paltan takes on the Steelers.

  • Haryana Steelers snatched victory from the jaws of defeat against Dabang Delhi.
  • Puneri Paltan thrashed arch-rivals U Mumba in their last match.
  • The Steelers have not beaten the Paltan since season 8.

Puneri Paltan will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Badminton Hall in Balewadi sports complex, Pune

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The Puneri Paltan is the only unbeaten team in this season apart from the Bengal Warriors. Pune started their campaign with a win over defending champions Jaipur Pink Panthers followed by a hard fought victory over arch-rivals U Mumba. The Haryana Steelers started the season with a loss to UP Yodha. But they came back strongly by beating the Bengaluru Bulls and Dabang Delhi. Both matches went down the wire as the Steelers maintained their intensity through the match.

Puneri Paltan has a balanced team with a trio of in-form raiders and a solid defense. The raiders of Haryana Steelers are slowly warming up but it is their defense which holds the key. Both teams have their weaknesses but the Steelers need to be consistent to beat the Paltan which looks unbeatable.

The Steelers have troubled the Paltan once in a while. They have won 4 out of their 12 encounters but this season, the Steelers may take the Puneri Paltan for a ride.

Puneri Paltan Preview

The Puneri Paltan was an average team in the PKL for the first few seasons. They tried various players but never got get going. Season 8 was the turning point for their team as they started performing consistently. Season 9 was one of their best performances as they reached the finals only to lose to the Jaipur Pink Panthers. But the Paltan has go a measure of the league as they have won their first 2 games of this season. 

Their formula for success- trio of young raiders and a solid defense. They signed Iranian all-rounder Mohammedreza who is one of the most lethal left corners in the business. That move helped them as the Mohammedreza has already scored 7 successful tackles in 2 matches. 

Defenders Abhinesh, left cover Sanket Sawant and right corner Gaurav Khatri have been precise in their moves. The Puneri Paltan has recorded a 48% success rate in team tackles apart from an impressive 43% success rate in team raids. This makes them a dangerous unit. The trio of captain Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite pose a threat to their opponents. Even if one of them fails to score, the others step in which makes it extremely difficult to regulate the Puneri Paltan.

Another interesting pattern that the Puneri Paltan has developed is to maintain high intensity through the matches. They score heavily throughout the game thus scaring their opponents. But this is a similar strategy employed by the Haryana Steelers and hence this will be one of the most explosive contest of the season.

The Paltan has beaten Haryana in 7 out of their 12 encounters and the Paltan has not lost to the Steelers since season 8. Though Pune had to settle for a TIE last year in one of the league matches, season 10 looks bright for the Puneri Paltan.

Haryana Steelers Preview

One of the most talented but maverick teams of the league are the Haryana Steelers. They are loaded with brilliant players but ones in a while the team loses its intensity. They had a false start to the season as they lost to the UP Yodha. The Steelers improved their performance in the next 2 games. 

The Haryana Steelers signed up star raider Siddharth Desai for a hefty amount. But he could not set the mat on fire against the UP Yodha. But he warmed up slowly to score a Super 10 against Dabang Delhi. Vinay has done a decent job as the second raider. But the Haryana Steelers are dependent on their defense, hence they use an all-rounder as their third raider.

Right cover Mohit Nandal and left corner Mohit have combined nicely to earn 18 tackle points in 3 matches. Unfortunately captain Jaideep Dahiya is yet to strike gold. Right corner Rahul Sethpal also has been inconsistent. This is the major concern of coach Manpreet Singh as they take on the dangerous Puneri Paltan. All-rounder Ashish has been a blessing in disguise as he scored 7 points in the last match. This included 4 raid points and 3 tackle points. 

The Haryana Steelers finished 7th last year as they lost many matches in the first few weeks of the season. They did make a comeback in the last few weeks but that was not enough for them to qualify for the play-off. Season 10 will be equally difficult for the Steelers as they have to maintain the intensity over 10 weeks. 

Haryana has not been able to trouble the Paltan over the years. They have won just 4 out of their 12 encounters. Haryana came close last season when they forced a TIE against the Paltan in a low scoring match. They need to find a potent combination so that they can trouble the Puneri team.

This will be a tough outing for the Haryana Steelers as they take on the Puneri Paltan. Haryana is playing safe by using an all-rounder as their third raider but this reduced their earnings drastically. This also puts a lot of pressure on captain Jaideep Dahiya and right coner Rahul Sethpal. Both will execute decent tackles in the match. Left corner Mohit will hunt Mohit Goyat while Haryana defender Mohit Nandal may commit unforced errors. 

The trio of Aslam, Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite will score quickly in the first half as Pune will take the lead. Left corner Mohammedreza will target Haryana raider Siddharth Desai. Defenders Sanket Sawant and Gaurav Khatri will trouble the Steelers. 

Right Cover Abhinesh will score a Hi 5 thus reducing the earnings of the Haryana Steelers. If Puneri Paltan take a huge lead by half-time, the Haryana Steelers will slow down in the second half falling back on more Do-or-die raids. But the Paltan is the favorite in this match.

Puneri Paltan will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino