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Puneri Paltan vs Patna Pirates, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

GMC Balayogi Sports Complex, Gachibowli, Hyderabad


PUNERI PALTAN won the match

Former Runner’s up versus 3 time champions.

  • Puneri Paltan were the runners-up of season 9.
  • Patna Pirates defeated Dabang Delhi in the 1st eliminator.
  • Patna has not defeated the Paltan since season 8.

Puneri Paltan will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: GMC Balayogi Sports Complex, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

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Welcome to the first semi-final of season 10 as the Puneri Paltan takes on the spicy Patna Pirates. Both team have gone through a variety of emotions this year. After 132 league matches and an eliminator, Puneri Paltan are one step away from a ticket to the finals. They qualified for the semi-finals directly as they finished on top of the points table with 17 victories this season. The Patna Pirates accelerated when it mattered. They squeezed in to the play-off by reaching the 6th spot in the points table. 

The Pirates held their nerve in the eliminator against Dabang Delhi. None of their raiders could score a Super 10 but it was a classic team effort. They matched Dabang Delhi in every move and inflicted an all-out when it mattered in the second half to steal the match by a margin of just 2 points. Will they be able to repeat a similar performance against the mighty Puneri Paltan? Pune has not lost to the Pirates since season 8. Patna Pirates have not been able to defeat the Paltan in their last 4 encounters. Hence this will be one of the most entertaining match of the season as the red-hot Patna Pirates take on the unbeatable Puneri Paltan.

Puneri Paltan Preview

The Puneri Paltan has been the deadliest team of this season. With 17 victories in 22 matches, the Paltan has dominated every opponent. Runners-up of Season 9 are on a mission to regain the title they lost last year. Puneri Paltan has been an epitome of teamwork and consistency. Puneri Paltan has brewed the best recipe for the season by any team. They have a fantastic trio of raiders while their defense is super strong. 

As a team they have executed the highest number of successful tackles which is 309.  Pune has the highest average tackle points per match. 

Their raiding efficiency was around 43% mid-season. By the end of the league stage this number has come down to about 38%.

The have earned 885 team points which is the highest by any team. The Paltan has inflicted 43 all-outs in the season which is massive. Their best move in this season has been in the inclusion of Iranian all-rounder Mohammedreza. Along with him, all the other defenders have built an impregnable wall which has seldom been breached. Left corner Iranian Mohammedreza was brutal in this ankle holds which left the opposition gasping for breath in most games. Defenders Abhinesh has been impressive apart from Sanket Sawant and Gaurav Khatri. Hence the Puneri Paltan has the best trio of raiders apart from a solid defense. Puneri Paltan will be eager to take on the Patna Pirates. They are just one victory away from the finals. The Paltan has won just 4 out of their 21 matches against the Pirates. But those were early years in the PKL when anyone would walk-over the Puneri Paltan. But times have changed and so have their fortunes. Pune has not lost the Pirates since season 8. They defeated Patna in their first league encounter this year and the other match ended in a TIE. 

The Puneri Paltan got a direct entry in to the semi-finals as they topped the points table. With just 2 losses in the entire tournament, Puneri Paltan has been invincible. But they need to be careful about just one bad day at the office. The Patna Pirates have recharged themselves in the last few weeks and it will not be an easy match for Pune. Left corner Mohammedreza will be up against his former team-mates as Captain Aslam Inamdar and company would plan to make this a quick victory.

Patna Pirates Preview

3 time champions Patna Pirates peaked at the right time in the season. They struggled in their first 10 matches. But slowly they inducted some young players in their defense and their resurrection started. Captain Sachin Tanwar and Manjeet were totally out of form in the first half of the tournament. But Sachin Tanwar worked hard to get back his form while young Sandeep Kumar turned out to be the dark horse for the Pirates. Though Patna are very much dependent on Sachin, support raiders Sandeep Kumar and M Sudhakar have been impressive. But still the Pirates need to compensate for the lack of spice in their raiding department. 

Their success rate in team raids has improved to about 39%. But their raiders have been able to conduct just 9 Super raids in 23 matches. 

The Pirates have survived due to the efforts of defenders Krishnan and Ankit. Krishnan has executed 71 successful tackles in the season while Ankit has contributed with 60. This has been their strength. Though the Pirates still struggle with their other defenders. Mayur Kadam and M Babu have not been consistent. This structure will be a challenge for them as they take on the formidable Puneri Paltan. But the Pirates are riding a wave of good luck. They scrapped past the Tamil Thalaiva and Bengal Warriors to occupy the last berth in the play-off. They went on to defeat Dabang Delhi in the eliminators. Patna Pirates know that they do not have too many players in form. Hence they shadowed Dabang Delhi in the eliminators only to inflict a crucial all-out in the second half and won the match by just 2 points. 

Captain Sachin Tanwar socred 9 raid points while Manjeet, Sudhakar and Sandeep Kumar added 15 raid points. Patna will need this kind of team effort against the Paltan. Patna Pirates will be worried about their defense as they could earn just 5 tackle points in the entire match against Dabang Delhi. The Patna defense will have to handle the Puenri trio of Aslam, Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite. Though the Pirates have generally dominated the Paltan over the years, they haven’t been able to defeat them since season 8. Patna has TIED 2 out of their last 4 encounters with the Paltan. Hence this will be the most difficult match for the Pirates. The 3 time champions will have to punch above their weight and hope that Puneri Paltan has a bad day at the office.

Welcome to the first semi-finals of season 10 as the Puneri Paltan takes on the Patna Pirates. This will be a perfect match between the mighty Paltan and the Pirates who have displayed a never say die attitude. Puneri Paltan will be ready to provide the adrenaline rush to its fans as they get ready to book their ticket for the finals. Raiders Aslam, Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite will run through the Patna defense. The Paltan might take a huge lead by half-time. Defenders Mohammedreza and Gaurav Khatri will score a Hi 5 while Sanket Sawant and Abhinesh will make life difficult for the Patna raiders. 

The Patna Pirates will depend on a collective effort from their raiders. None of their raiders will complete a Super 10. Patna will have to be careful against the marauding Paltan. Their defense may be a bit untidy, but they will survive the first half. Patna may relent under pressure post half-time. All-rounders Ankit and Sudhakar will put up a brave fight. Patna may not be able to maintain the intensity in the last 10 minutes. But this will be one of the most entertaining match not just of season 10, but in entire PKL.

Puneri Paltan will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino