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Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna Pirates, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

SDAT Multi purpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai

PATNA PIRATES won the match

Tamil Thalaiva hopes to loot the Pirates on its home turf.

  • Tamil Thalaiva lost their last match to U Mumba.
  • Patna Pirates were rigged by just 1 point by the Jaipur Pink Panthers.
  • Patna has won 6 out of the 12 encounters with the Thalaiva.

Tamil Thalaiva will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: SDAT Multi purpose Indoor Stadium, Chennai

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3 time champion Patna Pirates take on the maverick Tamil Thalaiva in an all-important match. The Pirates were unfortunate to lose a low scoring match by just 1 point to the Jaipur Pink Panthers. They could have at least forced a TIE. With this loss Patna find themselves placed 9th in the points table after playing 5 matches.

 The Tamil Thalaiva were completely out of sorts against U Mumba in their last game. Their defense crumbled very early in the first half as they trailed by 11 points at half-time. This sudden loss of intensity could not be compensated in the second half when their defense came back to life. With this loss, the Thalaiva has been pushed low down the points table to the 11th spot. This was a familiar position for the Thalaiva till season 7. But the loss at the hands of U Mumba was too heavy. Patna Pirates have a great record against Tamil Thalaiva as they have won 6 out of their 12 encounters. Though Patna has not beaten the Thalaiva since January 2022 and they have been forced to settle for a TIE in 2 of their previous matches.

Hence the Thalaiva will be looking forward to continue this recent domination and get back in the top 6 of the points table.

Tamil Thalaivas Preview

Tamil Thalaiva need urgent lessons on disaster management and quick response. After performing impressively in first 3 matches, the Thalaiva got a shock from U Mumba. They lost focus and intensity due to the spicy raids of U Mumba in the first 10 minutes of the match. It set the cat among the pigeons as Tamil trailed by 11 points at half-time, never to come back in the match.

Tamil Thalaiva did not expect a sudden burst from U Mumba in their last match. Mumba raiders targeted Tamil defenders Abhisek and Mohit and inflicted an all-outs in the first half itself. Though the Thalaiva came back in style in the second half, they could not compensate for the earlier losses. Tamil inflicted an all-out on U Mumba and defenders Sagar and Sahil Gulia both scored a Hi 5. But Tamil lost the match by a margin of 13 points. This has pushed them down the points table to the 11th position. More so they have to play back to back games in 2 days, first against the Patna Pirates and then against the defending champions Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

Raiders Narender Kandola and Ajinkya Pawar are in decent form while Captain Sagar and Sahil Gulia are hunting effectively. Tamil Thalaiva will consider this loss as a bad day at the office as they have played just 4 games in the season. Their success rate in team raids is almost 43% while their team tackle efficiency is just about 35%. This is the area they need to improve. 

Tamil Thalaiva has won just 3 out of their 12 encounters with the Patna Pirates. Though Tamil has forced 3 TIED games against the Pirates, this will not be an easy outing. Tamil Thalaiva will be motivated by the fact that they have not lost to the Pirates since January 2022. Post that match, they have Tied 2 matches and won their last encounter in season 9. This will be an important match for the Thalaiva as they need to earn points to catapult themselves in the points table.

Patna Pirates Preview

The Pirates got a take of their own medicine in their last game against the Jaipur Pink Panthers. The Pirates motto is to loot their opponents, but the defending champions stole victory from the Pirates in a low scoring match. The Pirates took a lead of 8 points by half-time as they inflicted an all-out on the Pink Panthers. They got a bit complacent in the second half as Jaipur raider Ajith looted 16 raid points. Still the Pirates had an opportunity to force a TIE in the last 5 minutes of the game, but they were tactically outsmarted by the Pink Panthers and the Pirates lost the match by just 1 point.

This would have hurt the Pirates as they could have jumped among the top 5 in the points table. Currently placed 9th, the Patna Pirates have won just 2 out their 5 matches. They seem to be in the same rhythm as season 9. Unfortunately the Pirates have lost 3 consecutive matches which has come a shocker for their fans.

The Patna Pirates are struggling with their raiding strategy. Sachin Tanwar is their star raider but he could not score a Super 10 in the last match. Raiders Sandeep Kumar and Sudhakar have been impressive but they need some time to lead the charge. The biggest concern for the Pirates is their raider Manjeet who has been terribly out of form. He was one of the best raiders of season 9, but he hasn’t been able to settle down quickly in this season. Hence the Pirates become heavily dependent on their defense and it makes matters worse as their earnings from raids are not enough to sustain them.

Patna has a success rate of just 34% in team tackles. Though their efficiency in team raids is about 44%, this combination has not really worked for them. The Pirates have inflicted 7 all-outs in their 5 matches while conceding 6. This nullifies all the advantage that comes their way. Though the Pirates have a very good record against the Tamil Thalaiva, they have not beaten them in the last few seasons. Patna Pirates will have to work overtime in this match as they seem to be rigid with their strategy of slowing down the pace. This was the cult formula of Gujarat Giants a few years ago. But opposition teams have also worked out an anti-dote of such tactics and the Patna Pirates have to return their hit and run policy if they have to win this match.

Welcome to the jungle as the Patna Pirates are desperate to get back to winning ways. They have lost 3 back to back games. The Pirates will be under pressure to steal the show. But they will be up against a strong Tamil Thalaiva. Patna has persisted with its “slow down the pace” strategy which has not yielded results. They will once again start with the trio of Sachin Tanwar, Sandeep and Sudhakar. One of them will score a Super 10. Defense is their strength and Neeraj Kumar, Sajin, Krishnan and Ankit will tackle consistently.

The Tamil Thalaiva will be careful against the Pirates. They will not repeat the same mistakes as they did against U Mumba. Raiders Narender Kandola and Ajinkya Pawar will squeeze past the Patna defense to score heavily. Captain Sagar and left corner Sahil Gulia will trouble the Patna raiders and hunt them successfully. One of them will score a Hi 5.

This will be a tough match for the Pirates as they will suffer a breakdown in the second half. The Patna Pirates may lose steam post half-time as their raiding income will dry out. Tamil Thalaiva will loot the Pirates.

Tamil Thalaiva will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino