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Tamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

PUNERI PALTAN won the match

Tough match for the Thalaiva as they fight for survival.

  • Tamil Thalaiva defeated the UP Yodha in their last match.
  • Puneri Paltan comfortably defeated Bengaluru Bulls in their last outing.
  • Thalaiva needs to defeat the Paltan in order to stay alive in the play-off race.

Puneri Paltan will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata

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The Tamil Thalaiva is hanging by a thread after playing 19 matches. They have won 8 matches as they are placed 8th in the points table. The only way for them is winning their remaining games so that they may just squeeze into the next round. But unfortunately they find the Puneri Paltan in their way. The Paltan has already qualified for the next round. They defeated the Bengaluru Bulls in their last match. The Paltan was relieved as they had a slight hiccup in the last 5 matches. Pune was forced to settle for a TIE in 3 out of their last 5 matches. They were back to normal as Captain Aslam Inamdar scored a Super 10 to defeat the Bulls. 

Tamil Thalaiva too regained their form as they defeated the UP Yodha by a margin of 7 points. Narender Kandola was back to his precise hunting as he scored 10 raid points while Captain Sahil Gulia scored a Hi 5 in the absence of regular captain Sagar. But will the Thalaiva be able to breach the Puneri fort. Their raiders will have to punch above their weight to beat the Puneri defense. This will be the toughest match for the Thaialva s they enter the mat for the DoD encounter.

Tamil Thalaivas Preview

Tamil Thalaiva is placed 8th in the points table with just 8 victories to their credit. They have gone through interesting phases this season. They do not have any superstars, but the young guns were impressive in the first 5 matches. They only way the Thalaiva can win is via team effort. Whenever they have failed to work as a unit, they have collapsed. The absence of Captain Sagar in a few games has also affected them. Tamil Thalaiva went through a similar phase last year, but they managed to squeeze into the eliminators. They went all the way till the semi-finals in season 9. Can they repeat the same?

Tamil Thalaiva defeated the UP Yodha in their last match. It was a well-coordinated performance as stand-in captain Sahil Gulia scored a Hi 5 while Narender Kandola earned a Super 10. This was a refreshing victory which came after back to back losses. The Thalaiva has just 2 more games including this one. They will have to win both these bouts to remain alive in the race to the play-off. With a success rate of just 36% in team raids, the Thalaiva needs to do more. Raiders Narender Kandola and Ajinkya Pawar have been just above average. None of them are in the top 10 and they have collectively execute just 12 Super 10’s in 19 matches. Hence the Tamil Thalaiva has an issue, both in raiding as well as their defense. They have tried the services of young raiders like Himanshu Singh, Himanshu Narwal, Satish Kannan, Jatin and Nitin Singh but nothing has worked for the Thalaiva. They will be up against the strongest team of the season. They will have to be very clear about their plans against the Puneri Paltan. Their raiders will have to put up a collective effort to earn as much as possible. The Paltan is known to score very quickly. Hence the Thalaiva has to match the Paltan so slow them down.

Though the Thalaiva lost to Pune in the semi-finals last year, they managed to beat them once in the league stage. That will be the contest from where they can draw some inspiration. The Thalaiva gave a tough fight to the Paltan in their first meeting of this season. Pune won by just 3 points in a low scoring match. If the Thalaiva loses this match, they will have to forget their dream of moving ahead in the tournament.

Puneri Paltan Preview

Runners-up of season 9 are playing with vengeance. As if they have some work unattended, the Puneri Paltan is bulldozing every team that comes their way. They have won 13 out of their 18 matches which has helped them qualify for the next round. It is also surprising and refreshing to see the entire unit always fresh. Being a long season, it does happen that a couple of players lose their form. But the Puneri Paltan is on cloud nine at the moment. Their trio of raiders are unstoppable while their defenders have stood like the rock of Gibraltar. 

The Paltan had a rough fortnight as they had to settle for 3 TIED matches. This was a “play safe” formulae for the Paltan as they were close to the qualification mark. Pune defeated the Bengaluru Bulls in their last match. This was an inspiring performance as Captain Aslam Inamdar came up with a Super 10. Raiders Mohit Goyat and Akash Shinde complemented the efforts of their captain. As expected defenders Mohammedreza and Gaurav Khatri hunted with class to defeat the former champions. The Paltan has also been proactive to use their fourth raider Akash Shinde apart from regulars like Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat and Pankaj Mohite. The four youngsters have created a vibrant raiding atmosphere in the Puneri camp. 

The Paltan has scored a total of 345 team raid points in 18 matches. But their biggest strength is their defense. Left corner Mohammedreza has been the most lethal defender for the Paltan. Sanket Sawant, Abhinesh and Gaurav Khatri have been deadly. Hence it is almost impossible to break through such a wall. Mohammedreza has executed 71 successful tackles while Gaurav Khatri has executed 57 successful tackles in 18 matches. 

This is the secret of their success. They have to be careful about injuries as well as fatigue. The Paltan has also inflicted 34 all-outs on their opponents in just 18 matches. This has been their main weapon. Pune has followed the simple rule of scoring as much as possible in every match. This helps them to keep away complacency. Also the Paltan is not forced to go on the defensive as points keep coming, either from the raids or from the tackles. 

They will be up against the Tamil Thalaiava who are struggling. But the Thalaiva put up a decent fight in their last match. Though the Paltan defeated the Thalaiva in the semi-finals last year, they lost to Tamil in one of the league matches in season 9. Hence the Puneri Paltan will be confident but they will be cautious of not getting overwhelmed against a dangerous opponent.

Welcome to the DoD match for the Tamil Thalaiva as they take on the Puneri Paltan. The Thalaiva will just hope that they put up a team-effort as that is the only way they can defend their fortress. They will need a precise plan of action against the dangerous Paltan. Even if the men in yellow are able to force a TIE, it will help their cause. Raider Narender Kandola will fly high but their support raiders may not be effective. Without Captain Sagar, the Tamil defense become fragile. But Abhishek, Mohit and Bastami will support Sahil Gulia. The Thalaiva will be able to put up a brave fight till half-time. But then they might lose their intensity.

The Puneri Paltan will score quickly with Aslam and Mohit Goyat as their lead raiders. They will use raiders Akash and Pankaj Mohite dynamically. Left corner Mohhamedreza and Gaurav Khatri will be tough to crack. One of them will score a Super 10. The Paltan will be aggressive in the first half as they will inflict an early all-out. This will be a very entertaining game as the Thalaiva will test the Paltan till the end.

Puneri Paltan will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino