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Telugu Titans vs Haryana Steelers, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

HARYANA STEELERS won the match

Party-Pooper's Telegu Titans to take on spirited Haryana Steelers.

  • Haryana Steelers lost to the Jaipur Pink Panthers in their last match.
  • The Telegu Titans defeated the Haryana Steelers in their first meeting of season 10.
  • Titans shocked the UP Yodha in their last match as they won by 17 points.

Haryana Steelers will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad

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The Telegu Titans equaled their record of season 9 by winning their second match this year. They shocked the UP Yodha as they defeated them by a huge margin of 17 points. The news spread like wildfire as the Telegu fans in Hyderabad finally got some reason to celebrate. Though Superstar Pawan Sehrawat hammered 16 points, it was young raider Omkar Patil who stunned the Yodha with his Super 10. 

On the other hand, Haryana Steelers lost to the defending champions Jaipur. The margin of defeat was 10 points and this was because of the breakdown of the Haryana raiders. The Steelers are placed 5th in the points table and cannot afford any blemish at this stage. Interestingly the Telegu Titans won their first match of season 10 by defeating the Haryana Steelers. Hence this reverse encounter will be very special for them. This will be a tough encounter for the Titans as they take on the Haryana Steelers. This could also be a blessing in disguise for them if they are able to beat the best and spoil the party for some more teams in the season.

Telugu Titans Preview

The Telegu Titans seem to be like a child lost at the museum. Year after year, they struggle to find the right combination and by the time they stumble upon some form, it’s too late. Their journey in season 10 was worse than last year. But finally they had a moment to cherish as they defeated the UP Yodha to record their second victory of the season. Their fans at Hyderabad were stunned to see their team play like champions. Thus the Titans can be officially named as the party-pooper's of season 10. 

Captain Pawan Sehrawat hammered 16 raid points as the Titans led by 8 points at half-time. But the Telegu fans are used to such antics from Pawan who has scored 129 raid points from 101 successful raids. But it was the young raider Omkar Patil who seized the opportunity to record a Super 10. All-rounder S Sanjeevi added another 5 points which included 4 raid points. For the first time in the season, the Telegu Titans looked confident and tactically superior. Defenders contributed to 13 tackled points while the Titans were able to inflict 3 all-outs on UP. This was an anti-thesis as the Titans are used to concede 3 all-outs on an average in every match. The Titans have won just 2 out of their 14 matches, hence they do not have any chance to move into the second round. 

Apart from the issues in raiding, Telegu Titans have a slippery defense. Their success rate in team tackles in just 34% which is the lowest among all teams. Hence the Titans struggle in every match. Their best defenders have been Ajith Pawar with 15 successful tackles in 12 matches and right corner Mohit with just 22 successful tackles in 10 matches. The Titans cannot dream of winning a match with such fragile defense. What are the options for the Telegu Titans? Unfortunately veteran defenders like Parvesh Bhaishwal and Sandeep Dhull are out of form. Titans should use their all-rounders to improve their defense. S Sanjeevi and Iranian Hamid Nader have to be in the starting 7. Raiders Robin Chaudhary and Praful Zaware have to improve their efficiency so that one of them can become Pawan’s sidekick. 

Though the Titans have won just 4 matches out of 10 against the Haryana Steelers, they can put in a break-through performance for their fans. Pawan Sehrawat needs the support of his team-mates. The Titans need to rethink their strategy too as this will help them win their third game of the season.

Haryana Steelers Preview

One of the youngest teams of the PKL is vibrant, aggressive and unpredictable. They are placed 5th in the points table after winning 7 out of their 13 matches. Unfortunately they have hit a roadblock as they have been able to win just 2 out of their last 5 matches. This also includes a TIE against U Mumba. This was a high scoring match as the Steelers pumped in 44 team points. They should have won this match but ran out of time in their last raid. They defeated the Tamil Thalaiva in their next game only to falter against the Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

Haryana suffered a breakdown in their raiding against the defending champions. The absence of veteran Chandran Ranjit hampered their chances as the team lost by a margin of 10 points. Out of the 27 team points that Haryana scored, defenders contributed 12. Such was the loss of confidence among their raiders. Young raider Shivam Patare scored 8 points but raiders Vinay and Siddharth Desai collectively added just 6 more. Haryana has to revitalize itself as they take on the Telegu Titans. This will be a very interesting match-up as the Titans defeated Haryana in their last encounter in this season. Apart from this, the Titans have won their last match by a huge margin. Hence this will be a tough match for the Haryana Steelers. 

Captain Jaideep Dahiya has executed 39 tackles in 135 matches. Left corner Mohit, defender Rahul Sethpal and right Cover Mohit Nandal have been deadly with their moves. This is the strength of the Steelers. Coach Manpreet will be pleased with his boys but they have lot of minor issues to be sorted. Will Chandran Ranjit be back for this game at Hyderabad? Currently placed 5th in the points table, Haryana can jump to the second spot if they win this match. The Haryana Steelers had an immaculate record against the Titans till season 10. They had not lost to Hyderabad since 2019, but faltered against them on 22nd December 2023 when they lost by just 1 point. If the Haryana Steelers are able to keep Pawan Sherawat off the mat, they can win this with a huge margin which will also help them in their score difference. But the Steelers have to be careful as any compleancy may just take them offroading in this season.

Welcome to another exciting match at Hyderabad as the Haryana Steelers take on the home team. Telegu Titans will be super-excited after winning their last match against the UP Yodha. But will they able to focus against Haryana? Pawan Sehrawat will score a Super 10 while raider Omkar Patil will flourish. Their fans will hope that Omkar gets into the starting 7 as the Titans have been guilty of unnecessary changes to their squad. Right cover Mohit and left corner Sandeep Dhull will combine nicely to tackle the Haryana raiders. This is a golden opportunity for the Titans to revive their fledgling campaign.

Haryana Steelers will have to be tactically superior. Their raiding is prone to breakdown and they cannot afford this against the Titans. Shivam Patare will score quickly but none of the Haryana raiders will be able to score a Super 10. This will all fall on their defenders who will have to work overtime. Captain Jaideep and Rahul Sethpal will be effective. This will be a low scoring affair as it will be a face-off between the defense of both teams.

Haryana Steelers will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino