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Telugu Titans vs Jaipur Pink Panthers, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

The Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre, Bengaluru.

Fight for survival as Jaipur Pink Panthers take on Telegu Titans.

  • Jaipur beat U Mumba by 16 points to keep their hope alive for the next stage.
  • Jaipur are competing with Puneri Paltan and Gujarat Fortune Giants for a spot in the play-off.
  • Telegu Titans will play for pride as they are last in the points table.

Jaipur Pink Panthers will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: The Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Centre, Bengaluru.

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Jaipur Pink Pathers are playing every game as a virtual quarter final. They blasted U Mumba by 16 points yesterday to move to the 6th spot in the points table. But Puneri Paltan won their game and pushed the Pink Panthers to the 7th spot. The Pink Panthers have an opportunity today to get back in the top 6 so as to keep their hopes alive.

One feels for the Telegu Titans as they have struggled through the seasons and have been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. They have given their best in most games but that was not enough for them. They have won just 1 game in the entire season and now have just pride to play for, though they would like to be party poopers for some teams. Earlier Ankit Beniwal emerged as the star for the Titans and now its raider Rajneesh. 

The Pink Panthers combined well yesterday to beat U Mumba. Raider Arjun Deshwal scored 17 points while Brijendra Singh scored 8. They will have to beat the Titans by a big margin so as to keep their score difference healthy.

Telugu Titans Preview

The silver lining for the Pink Panthers this season is the rise of Arjun Deshwal. 235 points from 20 matches is a massive achievement. Amongst the ruins he has been their flag bearer. The Pink Panthers had slowly crawled to the 5th place in the points table with 31 points from 10 games. But then they went down the stairs with some ordinary performances and now they are in a fight for survival. They have one more game after this and they are in a triangular fight with the Puneri Paltan and Gujarat Fortune Giants for the last spot in the next stage. The Pink Panthers will have to play these last 2 games as virtual quarter finals. They resonated as a team against U Mumba yesterday to beat them by 16 points. It was an inspirational performance which will help them against the Telegu Titans.

They tried reserve players like TR Pavan and Brijendra Singh. But they are totally dependent on Arjun Deshwal and the guardian combo of Sahul Kumar and Sandeep Dhull. Arjun Deshwal scored another Super 10 yesterday to take his tally to 235 raid points. The Jaipur defence was able to earn 15 tackle points against U Mumba. They will look forward to exploit the fragile Telegu Titan line up to score as many points as possible. They will also have to guard against any unforced errors which may make this a sticky wicket for them. They will not forget that they lost to the Titans by 1 point which is still the only win that the Titans have been able to achieve. The Pink Panthers play their last match against rivals Puneri Paltan later in the week. Looks like their game against the Puneri Paltan will be a knock-out of sorts.

Jaipur Pink Panthers Preview

Situated in the 12th spot in the points table does not augur a lot of confidence for the Titans as they still searching for that second victory of the season. After the initial speed breakers, they have got their vehicle back on track but still they are devoid of glory.

The Telegu Titans will take solace in the fact that the only match they have won in this season was against the Jaipur Pink Panthers. They face the Pink Panthers again who are more desperate to win than the Titans. This will surely take off the weight of expectations from the Titans. They were able to hold the Bengal Warriors to a TIE couple of weeks back, but then went on to lose their next 3 games, most of them were close matches.

The Titans will play for pride and a consolation victory. Raiders Rajneesh and Ankit Beniwal have been their saviours along with T Adarsh and Raju Galla. The Titans have paid the price of a fragile defence and unlimited unforced errors. They have conceded points as if there was no tomorrow. Their earnings have been much lesser than their expenditure. They have conceded all-outs regularly in matches which did not allow them to dominate or exploit the opposition. They will be up against a spirited Pink Panther side which is playing each match as if it is their last. With nothing to lose, the Telegu Titans can afford to play in a care-free manner. If they can create some desperation early in the first half, they can force the Pink Panthers to make unforced errors. Though they have pride to play for, there is a different thrill in spoiling the party for someone else.

The Telegu Titans will go in a flashback when they beat the Pink Panthers to register their solitary victory of the season. They have a good bunch of but can they contribute together? They can just hope that raiders Rajneesh and Ankit Beniwal combine well and their defence is leak proof for a change.

The Pink Panthers would like to continue the way they played against U Mumba yesterday. They dominated the second half with 9 tackle points. Arjun Deshwal will be their main weapon apart from other stingers. The Pink Panthers will try and increase the intensity of the game very early as they will look to score a many points as possible. This will be a face-off between Arjun Dehwal and Sandeep Kandola as well as Rajneesh and Sandeep Dhull.

Jaipur Pink Panthers will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino