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Telugu Titans vs U Mumba, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

Tired Telegu Titans take on fatigued U Mumba.

  • U Mumba is placed 5th in the points table after losing 3 out of their last 5 games.
  • Telegu Titans continue to lose games even though they fight till the end.
  • Siddharth Desai is the best raider for the Titans with 118 raid points from 14 games.

U Mumba will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

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Welcome to a face-off where U Mumba will be desperate to win while the Telegu Titans will play for pride as they have nothing to lose. Stationed at the bottom of the points table, this season hasn’t been a fairy tale for the Titans.

They lost to the Bengal Warriors in their last game where none of their raiders could score a Super 10 while their defense was totally lackluster. Playing for pride, the Titans can actually damage Mumba more than anyone.

U Mumba has been wayward in their last few games. Fatigue seems to have crept in as their raiders have not been able to score with a lot of intensity. The team tactics are also surprising as Mumba seems to be running out of ideas, especially in the second half of most games. They will be desperate to win this game against the Titans as a loss could push them to a point of no return.

Telugu Titans Preview

The Telegu Titans have not been able to crank up their engine this season. With a star-studded team they dreamt of winning games, but the reality is that they have been out-performed by every team on the circuit. But the Telegu Titans are back in their den as the last leg of the league will be played at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. 

The Titans have displayed grit and fighting spirit in their last few games. Though it has not helped them win games, at least their fans are happy to see their team compete. Siddharth Desai is earning overtime which is good news for the Titans. He has earned 5 consecutive Super 10’s for his team. He has earned 114 raid points till now.

The Titans have tightened their defense of late. Defenders Vishal Bharadwaj, Ankit, and Parvesh Bhaishwal have hunted instinctively but it is a bit too late. All three defenders have executed 14 Super tackles between them. This has been the story of the Telegu Titans who do not have many players on the mat during the match. It puts a lot of pressure on the defense they have to fend off the challenges with Super tackles.

The Titans have earned 426 team points which is the lowest among all teams while conceding 584 team points which is the highest among all teams. This discrepancy has hurt the Titans throughout. The Titans lost to the Bengal Warriors in their last game where even Siddharth Desai could not fire. He scored 8 raid points while Abhishek could manage 9. Defender Vishal Bharadwaj was totally off-color while Parvesh Bhaishwal scored a Hi 5.  Once again the Titans were at par with the Warriors in the first half but lost steam in the second half where they conceded 2 all-outs. 

They take on U Mumba whom they troubled a bit earlier in the season. The Titans lost to U Mumba by just 3 points in a hard-fought match. Siddharth Desai piled on 18 points against his former teammates but the Telegu defense was not up to the mark. They could manage just 11 tackle points in the entire match.

The Titans have to play for pride as well as for spoiling the party for U Mumba in their next game. The Titans will have the support of the home crowd which has backed its team despite its poor performance. Telegu Titans may just surprise everyone in this game.

U Mumba Preview

U Mumba looked like a well-oiled machine a few weeks back. They beat teams like the Bengal Warriors and the Patna Pirates. But along the way, they went tangent and lost twice to the Jaipur Pink Panthers. They did manage to beat their arch-rival Puneri Paltan by a solitary point. But after playing 14 games, U Mumba has been pushed to the 5th spot in the points table with 43 points from 8 wins. 

They seem to display a lot of optimism but do not blossom when the weather is just fine. They are running out of time as well as tactics. In their last game against the Jaipur Pink Panthers, Mumba looked lethargic. Is it the fatigue setting in due to the long season? The raiders were totally colorless while the defense was spineless. 

U Mumba has been able to execute just 188 successful team raids out of their total 575 team raids. This is the lowest success rate in raids among all the teams.

Though Mumba has conducted 144 successful team tackles. The issue has been that U Mumba could not balance their attack as well as their defensive tactics. Earlier in the season, they were totally dependent on their raiders while the defense was scratchy. With the improvement in the defense, they seem to be losing out on the earnings via raids. This has made them vulnerable and fatigued. 

Right corner Rinku has been the most impressive defender with 34 successful tackles in 14 matches. 

Raiders Ghuman Singh, Ashish, and Jai Bhagwan have been impressive but they have not been able to forge a deadly partnership. Also, the team strategy has been surprising as Jai Bhagwan is used more in the defensive assists rather than raids.

The U Mumba defense has executed 19 Super tackles which display their courage but also expose a lot of weaknesses in their team.

Mumba has inflicted 18 all-outs while conceding 16 in 14 matches. They did beat the Telegu Titans earlier in the season and Mumba will hope to beat them again. This will be a crucial match for U Mumba as a loss in this game will take them down the spiral away from the playoff.

This match will test the character of U Mumba as they take on the Telegu Titans who have nothing to lose.  U Mumba is in a dicey situation and placed 5th in the points table.

The Telegu Titans will hope for some recharge with raiders Abhishek and Siddharth Desai being pitched against their former team. Defender Vishal Bharadwaj was totally out of sync in the last game but he will play well combined with Parvesh Bhainswal. Defender Ankit will trouble the Mumba raiders reducing their earnings. 

U Mumba will have to unleash all their raiders with aggressive intent. They seem to be confused between their offensive and defensive plans. They will be aggressive from the first raid. Defenders Rinku and Harender will hunt down Siddharth Desai. U Mumba may pay the price of fielding their backup defenders in the match. 

This match will unfold in 2 chapters. U Mumba will be in control by half-time but both teams will go berserk with unforced errors in the second half. Expect some surprising errors by both teams.

U Mumba will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino