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U Mumba vs Gujarat Giants, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Patliputra indoor stadium, Patna

GUJARAT GIANTS won the match

Second edition of the Western derby.

  • Gujarat Giants have won 8 out of their 14 matches while U Mumba has won just 6.
  • U Mumba shocked the much stronger Puneri Paltan in their last match by forcing a TIE.
  • Gujarat lost to Puneri Paltan in their last game.

U Mumba will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Patliputra indoor stadium, Patna

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One of the biggest rivalries of PKL is between U Mumba and the Gujarat Giants. Any contest between them is a high octane, entertaining and exciting one. Interestingly both teams will come into this match after battling the Puneri Paltan. U Mumba forced a TIE while the Gujarat Giants surrendered to the Paltan. Hence this contest will be a test of intensity for both teams. 

U Mumba is placed 6th in the points table with 6 victories out of 14 matches. They have blown hot and cold this season and off late they seem to be struggling with their defense. Mumba has not won any of its last 5 matches. The Gujarat Giants too have been inconsistent it the last few weeks. The Giants have lost 3 out of their last 5 outings. Both teams need an urgent victory to improve their chances for the next round. The Gujarat Giants have generally dominated U Mumba with 8 victories from 13 matches. They did beat Mumba in once in this season too but that was a match which went down the wire. Mumba lost by just 2 points. With both teams losing steam at this stage of the tournament, this encounter becomes mouth-watering.

U Mumba Preview

U Mumba is travelling the same way as season 9. They never dominated through the season but did show glimpses of greatness once in a while. They started on a slow burner this year but picked up pace in a couple of weeks. But Mumba seems to be fatigued after playing 14 matches as they have been able to win just 6. They have settled for a TIE twice in their last 5 games. They forced a TIE with the Haryana Steelers in a high scoring match and then forced the Puneri Paltan to share points in their last encounter. Raider Zafardanesh scored 14 points against the Haryana Steelers while Guman Singh looted 15 points against the Paltan. U Mumba could have won both matches if their support raiders could have earned a few more points. 

One of the biggest disappointments for Mumba was that defender Girish Ernak could not take off in season 10. Girish is considered as one of the best in the business, but he was too slippery early in the tournament. Later he was unavailable. Defender Rinku Singh was a tough nut to crack in the first few matches but now he has also been replaced by young defenders. U Mumba tried Iranian raider Heiderali Ekrami in their last match instead of Zafardanesh but that move did not yield desired results. 

Mumba has a success rate of 42% in team raids which is quite impressive even though they do not have a settled line up in this department. 

Their efficiency in team tackles is about 36% which has been their major concern. This has resulted in Mumba conceding 519 team points in 14 games. 

An encounter with their arch rivals will certainly spruce up U Mumba. They will be up against their former captain Fazel Attrachali who has quickly settled into the Gujarat camp. Mumba coach Gholamreza will also have a trick up his sleeve to neutralize Attrachali. U Mumba has won just 4 out of their 13 encounters with the Giants. They have already lost once to their neighbors in this season. Redemption will be on their mind as this encounter will test their resolve as well as their tactical prowess.

Gujarat Giants Preview

The Gujarat Giants have worked hard through the season to earn a place in the top 5. They have won 8 out of their 14 matches. Unfortunately they have run into some issues in their last 5 matches as they could win just 2 out of them. They ran out of gas against the strong Puneri Paltan but followed it up with a tough win over Dabang Delhi. This was a low scoring match which could have gone anyway. But the Giants faced arch-rivals Puneri Paltan for the second time in ten days as it was the rivalry week. Pune hammered them once again to win the match by a margin of 10 points. Though the Gujarat Giants have maintained a decent momentum, they cannot afford such breakdowns as they need to remain in the top 5 to move into the next round. U Mumba and Bengal Warriors are breathing down their neck to replace them in the top 5. Hence the encounter with regional rivals U Mumba becomes a DoD one for the Giants. 

Off-late the Gujarat Giants have seen a sharp decline in the raid earnings. Young raider Sonu was their surprise package in their early part of the tournament. But later Prateek Dahiya and Rakesh took up the responsibility of scoring. In the last few matches, both these raiders haven’t been able to earn enough to sustain. On some occasions, the Gujarat defense has crumbled. These are major issues for coach Ram Mehar Singh as they move into the rivalry week. 

The Giants have conceded 463 points in 14 matches while they have inflicted just 17 all-outs in the season. 

Their team tackle efficiency is just 38% while their success rate in team raids is about 36%. They need to improve in these areas as the play-off’s come closer. 

Gujarat Giants have a better record over U Mumba as they have won 87 out of their 13 encounters with one ending in a TIE. They defeated U Mumba in their first league match of the season. This was a tough match as Gujarat managed to win this by just 2 points. Hence this will be another tough match for the Giants. Gujarat can only win this match by being tactically superior to U Mumba.

Welcome to a blockbuster encounter in the rivalry week as U Mumba takes on the Gujarat Giants. Both teams are stuck in the middle of the points table and need to win this game desperately. U Mumba displayed a lot of maturity in their last match against the Paltan. They will look forward to repeat the same against Gujarat. Guman Singh will lead their raiding pack but none of the Mumba raiders will be able to score a Super 10. The Mumba defense will be agile as right cover Gokulakanna will be ruthless against all the Gujarat raiders. 

The Gujarat Giants will find it tough as they may not generate enough intensity in the match. The first half will be slow as the Giants will try and outpace U Mumba. But the second half will test the resolve of Fazel Attrachali and company. All-rounder Nabibaksh may be their savior. The Gujarat raiders will struggle while their defense may leak points due to unforced errors. The Gujarat Giants have generally dominated U Mumba over the years but they might be in for a surprise in this match.

U Mumba will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino