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U.P. Yoddha vs Bengaluru Bulls, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida


U.P. YODDHAS won the match

Battle of struggler's as the Bulls take on UP Yodha.

  • UP Yodha lost to the Gujarat Giants by 8 points in their last match.
  • Bengaluru Bulls held their nerve to defeat Telegu Titans.
  • Yodha is placed 10th in the points table below the Bulls who are placed 8th.

UP Yodha will win

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Noida Indoor Stadium, Noida

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This contest is a battle with themselves for the UP Yodha and Benglauru Bulls. Both teams have faltered in the last few weeks to occupy lower positions in the points table. UP Yodha has lost 4 out of its 7 matches while the former champions Bengaluru Bulls have won just 3 out of their 8 encounters. The Bengaluru Bulls haven’t built any momentum in this season. They have not been able to set up a decent workforce. The UP Yodha displayed a lot of hope and agility only to fizzle out in the last few matches. 

Earlier in the month, the Yodha was lucky to TIE a game with the Bengal Warriors. This followed by a thrashing at the hands of the Jaipur Pink Panthers. UP lost their next match to the Gujarat Giants. Hence one can understand their mental state as they get ready to take on the Bulls. Bengaluru will feel relieved that they were able to defeat arch-rivals Telegu Titans in the southern derby. It was a low scoring game where the Bengaluru defenders held their nerve to win by 3 points.

Though the Bulls are placed above the UP Yodha in the points table, they have not matched the intensity that UP has displayed in some games. Hence this will be a tough encounter for the Bulls as they take on the UP Yodha at their home turn at Noida.

U.P. Yoddha Preview

Fans of the Yodha are disappointed to see their team at the 10th spot in the points table after 7 matches. A team which has players like Pardeep Narwal is expected to be among the top 5. But the Yodha has suffered a few punctures in the first month of the season 10. They had some exciting victories in the first few weeks only to go tangent by the month end. They had a few tough games which has reduced their momentum. 

The UP Yodha were lucky to force a TIE against the Bengal Warriors. They got thrashed by the defending champions in their next match. This was due to the total failure of their raiders who could earn just 12 raid points in the entire match. UP defenders scored 8 tackle points in that match. This could have been considered as a blemish, but the UP Yodha faltered against the Gujarat Giants in their next. The major concern for the Yodha is the form of Pardeep Narwal. He is the legend of PKL, but a lot of teams have decoded him thoroughly.  With raider Surender Gill stepping in his shoes, the Yodha gets caught in the whirlpool when both these raiders fail. 

Surender Gill has scored 75 points from 56 successful raids which includes 4 Super 10’s and 4 Super raids. He is their demolition man. But Pardeep Narwal has not been able to adapt to the changing scenarios. Hence UP has to depend on Surender and its defenders. Nitesh Kumar and Sumit have been their best custodians. Both have collectively executed 37 successful tackles in 7 matches. All-rounders Gurdeep and Ashu Singh have been effective. But overall the UP Yodha has not been able to resonate in most of its matches. Hence it finds itself at the crossroads where it is placed 10th in the points table. 

Though their next opponents are placed 8th in the points table, the UP Yodha has a wonderful opportunity to get back to winning ways. The Bulls have been inconsistent while the Yodha needs to re-calibrate its raiding strategy. But UP has won just 5 out of their 14 encounters with the Bulls. Hence the Yodha may just be pushed deeper into the tunnel by the Bulls, almost to a point of no return.

Bengaluru Bulls Preview

The Bengaluru Bulls must be feeling happy to meet an opponent who is placed below them in the points table. Throughout the first few weeks, the Bulls have not played like former champions. They are struggling to brew a proper combination which can help them win matches. Their raiding has been abysmal while their defense has been fragile. The raiding trio of Vikash Kandola, Bharat and Neeraj Narwal have not earned efficiently. The Bulls have a success rate of just 31% which is the lowest among all teams. This is the primary reason for their struggles. 

With just 132 raid points from 8 matches, the former champions need something out of the world. They cannot dream of moving into the top 5 with such low grade ammunition. Hence the Bengaluru Bulls have to find a new set of raiders who could improve their earnings. Even in their victory over the Telegu Titans, the Bengaluru raiders earned 16 raid points as compared to the 13 tackle points from the defenders. They have conceded 12 all-outs in 8 matches which is second the Telegu Titans. Their raiding is not malleable nor ductile and hence they have to fall back on the Do-or-Die raids. 

The Bulls have a much decent success rate in team tackles, which is about 42%. This is majorly due to the contributions of Captain Sourabh Nandal and veteran defender Surjeet Singh. Both have collectively executed 40 successful tackles in 8 matches. Other defenders like left corner Aman and left cover Vishal have been inconsistent. The Bulls face a major issue with their strategy, to play 3 raiders in the starting 7 or to bolster their defense with an additional defender or an all-rounder. Even after playing 8 matches, coach Randhir Singh Sehrawat is not able to set up a deadly combination. 

They will be up against the UP Yodha who are struggling. This could be a blessing in disguise for the Bengaluru Bulls. They have won 9 out of their 14 matches against the UP Yodha and this might be the only motivating factor. The former champions have to improve their earnings else they will falter against a strong UP defense.

This contest will be an entertaining one as raiders of both teams are struggling. The Bulls will be hopeful that raiders Bharat Hooda and Vikash Kandola score heavily. But none of their raiders will be able to score a Super 10. Though the Bengaluru defenders will be sharp with their tackles. Captain Sourabh and Surjeet will tackle Pardeep Narwal successfully. But they may not be able to stop Surender Gill. 

Legend Pardeep Narwal will take his chances against the Bulls and he will score better than his last match. This might be a low scoring match as the defense of both teams is quite strong. UP left corner Sumit and all-rounder Gurdeep will be effective against the Bengaluru raiders. The first half of the match will be quite exciting as the UP Yodha will push for quick raids in front of their fans on home-turf. But the second half may get a bit sloppy as players from both teams will leak points due to unforced errors. This will be a face-off between Surender Gill and the Bengaluru defense.

UP Yodha will win


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino