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U.P. Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Arena by Transstadia

Welcome to the northern derby.

  • UP Yodha lost their first game of the season to U Mumba.
  • Haryana Steelers bought star raider Siddharth Desai for 1 Cr in the auctions.
  • Captain Pardeep Narwal could not score a single point in his first match.

Haryana Steelers will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Arena by Transstadia

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The northern derby is expected to be a high octane match as both teams have some deadly and stingy raiders. UP is led by legendary Pardeep Narwal while the Haryana Steelers have got raid machine Siddharth Desai. 

The Steelers will be playing their first game of the season. They will work on forging combinations while Siddharth Desai and experienced raiders Chandran Ranjit and Prapanjan will look forward to earn some points. Apart from strong raiders, Haryana has one of the best defenders of the league, Jaideep Dahiya. 

UP Yodha had a good outing against U Mumba in their first game. They lost the match by 3 points but the highlight was that captain Pardeep could not score a single point and sat on the bench for almost half the match. This is one of their biggest concerns. 

Both teams need a win so as to set the tone for the season. UP have got some match time already while the Steeler's will expect a smooth beginning to their campaign.

U.P. Yoddha Preview

The Yodha lost their first game to U Mumba and the script seems to be similar to season 9. Captain Pardeep Narwal was neutralized completely as he could not score a single point. This was the story of UP last year but they emerged stronger with an alternative strategy.

Raider Surinder Gill spearheaded their attack while Pardeep played second fiddle. The Yodha may have to fall back on the same. Young raider Anil Kumar performed well under pressure as he scored 7 raid points against U Mumba. Surender Gill and all-rounder Vijay Malik earned 12 points collectively. Hence the UP Yodha have backup plans but the trick will be to implement their plans dynamically if incase Pardeep Narwal is targeted regularly.

All-rounders Nitin Panwar and Gurdeep were effective in their first match but defender Harender disappointed. Hence the Yodha will have to resonate well in their second game against the Haryana Steelers. 

Both teams have played out tough games as they have won 3 each out of their 8 games while 2 have ended in a TIE. UP and Haryana had a tied game in season 8 as well as season 9. Hence this match is expected to be a close one. Unfortunately for the Yodha, they do not have many cover options in their squad apart from Harender Kumar. If he is not able to perform well in that position, the Yodha will have to rely on all-rounders which can be a big risk. Hence Pardeep Narwal has to fire at all cost in order to compensate for the defensive lapses. High scoring from raids will help the Yodha in most of their games.

It will also be interesting to see how the UP Yodha plans to trap Giant Siddharth Desai. Their defense will have to be proactive else some big raids will push them back to the wall and all the pressure will be on raiders Pardeep and Surender Gill.

Haryana Steelers Preview

Haryana Steelers have been a very good team but they have performed as per their potential. They finished 7th last year even though they did not have many big names. Their only challenge was to maintain the intensity through the season. Hence they stole the show during the auctions as they bought Siddharth Desai for 1 Cr.

Tactical expert Manpreet Singh is their coach who won the championship as player with the Patna Pirates and then took Gujarat Giants to their maiden final some year back. He infuses energy and confidence in young players to extract very good performances. 

The Steelers bought some young exciting players during recent auctions. They bought defender Hitesh and raiders Gagana Gowda and Shivam Chaudhary who have done well for their domestic teams. They also bought all-rounder Gurdeep for 20 lakh apart from Harender Kumar, Gulveer and Nitin Panwar to bolster their defense. 

The Haryana Steelers are largely dependent on their trump card, defender Jaideep who can be devastating at times with his tackles. He is quick on the mat and Jaideep will be expected to trouble Pardeep Narwal and Sureder Gill in this match.

The Haryana Steelers are known for their tactical brilliance due to the presence of their ever animated coach Manpreet. He will use the services of veterans like Chandran Ranjit and Prapanjan effectively. Manpreet worked with Prapanjan during his stint with Gujarat Giants and this association may prove to be the trump card for the Steelers. 

Apart from the regular raiders, Haryana has multiple raiding options in the form of Vinay, Ghanshyam Magar, Iraqi player Hasan Baibool and specialist like left raider Jayasoorya, Shivam Patare and Vishal Tate. 

The Steelers have always troubled the UP Yodha in almost all seasons when they have faced each other. They forced a tie in season 7 as well as season 8. Their first encounter with arch-rivals UP Yodha in season 10 will be more entertaining and explosive.

It will be interesting to see how big show Siddharth Desai performs for his new team. He made a sensational debut for U Mumba but had an average season with the Telegu Titans. In new colours, Siddharth may steal the show for the Steelers. It will be difficult to tackle him as he will score a Super 10. Defender Jaideep will be menacing as he will neutralize Pardeep Narwal. The Steelers might vary the pace of the game in order to confuse the Yodha. 

Pardeep Narwal may play second fiddle to Surender Gill. All-rounder Vijay Malik as well as Nitin Panwar and Gurdeep will have to work overtime in raiding as well as in the defense. Young raider Anil Kumar might emerge as the highest scorer for UP Yodha. 

But this will be an entertaining match which will go down the wire. UP Yodha have many issues to sort out as they may commit many unforced errors. If they are able handle Siddharth Desai, they will put the pressure on the Steelers. One can expect sparks to fly in the first raid itself.

Haryana Steelers will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino