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We are giving 100% free live betting tips for each and every match, the predictions will be given by experts with proven experience in the cricket betting area. The feature will give betting tips during the whole game, also we will give advanced tips like fall of next wicket, ball by ball, Over/Under runs in ball/over/innings, player markets: top batsman, top bowler, individual score & more!

29 Nov 2022 - Today's Cricket Matches


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Bangla Tigers vs Delhi Bulls, 19th T10 Match Prediction

Abu Dhabi T10 League 2022

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Betting on cricket is already very popular, but the sport is earning even more of a focus due to the growth in live cricket betting over the course of the last few years. No longer do sports fans have to place their bets before the action gets underway and then sit back and watch to see whether or not they have a winning wager. Instead, they can continue to bet on what is going to happen out there on the pitch during a match, providing a lot more opportunities to profit.

But how do you know what you should bet on during a live cricket match? Well, this is where we come in to help here at TheTopBookies. Our cricket betting tips do not stop once a game has started, with our experts continuing to provide in-play betting predictions during the matches. What this means is that cricket fans can access advice on what to do with their money by checking out TheTopBookies to see what our cricket betting experts are predicting. Our tipsters all have a deep level of knowledge and expertise in cricket.

Live cricket betting tips are available on a wide range of markets that can be found on all the best Indian sports betting sites. For example, it is possible to find winning wagers on options such as the top batsman and the top bowler in an innings, as well as backing individual scores.

As well as this, bets can be found on the fall of the next wicket, also over/under run bets by ball, over or by innings. Put simply, if you can imagine a type of bet for a cricket game, the chances are it will be available and live betting tips will be offered at TheTopBookies too. By following a live match prediction and live cricket betting tips from TheTopBookies, cricket lovers can increase their chances of making a profit from betting on sport. Live betting tips are offered on a range of cricket competitions, such as the annual Indian Premier League, which is one of the top events on the sporting calendar in the country.

How Can Win with Live Betting Tips?

What is the benefit of live betting tips? With this kind of tips, he can predict what will happen in the game, that`s how he can bet and win. The Topbookies is the 1st Live cricket betting tips site!

Advantages of our live betting tips:

Predicting what is going to happen in live sport is extremely difficult. After all, the unpredictability of sport is one of the top reasons why it is so popular all over the world. Cricket is known for being particularly hard to call, with one or two quick wickets able to completely change the complexion of a match. Fans of the game might therefore think it is a waste of time and money to try to make cricket in-play predictions, but this is absolutely not the case.

By carrying out a lot of research and taking note of key analytics, it is possible to make an informed prediction about what is going to happen next in a cricket game in a competition such as the Indian Premier League. This is exactly what our experts at TheTopBookies do in order to come up with the live cricket betting tips that they produce for every single one of the games we cover right here on the site.

So when are cricket in-play predictions available at TheTopBookies? They run through both innings and through the whole duration of the match. What this means is that cricket live match tips can be found throughout the game, no matter how many overs have been bowled or are remaining in the match. After all, until the game is over, there is a chance to win money by betting on the outcome of the match, next ball runs, innings runs, and more!

One of the benefits of following the live cricket betting tips that we provide here at TheTopBookies is that they are 100% free. With absolutely no cost involved in accessing the cricket in-play predictions that are made by our experts, it means that all the money you make on a winning wager goes right back into your pocket, rather than having to pay for the tip.

Our cricket betting experts at TheTopBookies have researched more about the sport than most casual fans will ever know, so you can be assured that the cricket live match tips that are featured on the site are produced by people who have a huge amount of cricket knowledge.

Best Live Cricket Betting Sites in India

Following the tips and predictions from our cricket betting experts is just the starting point. Next, you need to be able to find somewhere to put down your winning wagers. This is where the best live cricket betting sites in India come in. There are plenty of options out there to pick from, but here at TheTopBookies we believe there are three Indian cricket betting sites that stand out from the crowd and are highly recommended for anyone who plans to place bets on the big match.

They are as follows: 10CRIC, Betway and 22Bet. Let's take a look at all of them in more detail.

10CRIC Live Cricket Betting

After reading our live cricket betting tips, one of the best places to put down a bet is certainly 10CRIC. As you can tell by the name of this sports betting site, cricket is a top focus and there are a lot of markets to pick from during high-profile matches as well. One of the best reasons to pick 10CRIC is the fact that the site offers an online casino, as well as deep sports betting market with hundreds of options to select for competitions like the Indian Premier League.

Betway Live Cricket Betting

There is no doubt that Betway is one of the best places in India in which to place wagers after checking out our cricket in-play predictions. Live cricket betting is one of the most popular options on this Indian sports betting site, which is run by a global operator. Many sports fans will be familiar with Betway as their name is adorned on the shirts of Premier League football club West Ham as a result of a lucrative sponsorship deal between the Hammers and the bookmaker. Many believe Betway is the most trusted site in India for betting on the IPL.

22Bet Live Cricket Betting

Finally, 22Bet is another great choice for people who are checking out the cricket live match tips at TheTopBookies and want to place wagers. At 22Bet, the odds tend to be some of the most generous that are available at any of the top Indian sports betting sites. What this means is that players can expect to see a higher return on their bets if they choose to place them with 22Bet.

Cricket Live Betting Guide

Even those who love to watch cricket on a regular basis may be new to the concept of live cricket betting. Despite cricket having been phenomenally popular in India for an awful long time, gambling on the outcome of matches is still seen as being quite a niche pastime in the country. One of the reasons for those could be the confusion around online gambling rules in India, but there are actually no laws against betting on cricket while living in the country.

What makes live cricket betting so popular?

Betting on cricket while matches are ongoing is available at many Indian sports betting sites. And it might be surprising to see just how any different markets there are to pick from. Of course, cricket fans can pick simple options such as betting on which team will win the game. But there is so much more to live cricket betting, which explains why it is getting to be so popular in India these days. Cricket matches can see momentum swing quickly - it only takes one big shot or a wicket to do so - which makes the sport absolutely ideal for live betting.

Examples of markets that it is possible to bet on during a game in the Indian Premier League or another top competition include the method by which the next wicket is going to fall. Fans can also opt to bet on which player will score the most runs, or take the most wickets, in the match. These are still quite basic when compared to some of the deeper live betting markets that are available now for cricket. Anyone watching the big game can bet on how many runs are going to be scored in the next over, or even from the next individual ball that is delivered down the pitch.

Among the benefits of live cricket betting is that matches take place over a long period. Even a T20 match takes a few hours, providing a lot of chances to make money from winning wagers. Odds are dynamic and change quickly on Indian sports betting sites that offer live cricket betting too. This means those who pay attention to how the prices move have a chance to make cash.

Of course, the main reason that a lot of people bet on live cricket is to make the action even more fun and exciting to watch. There is nothing quite like tuning into the big game and putting on a bet in the hope that a winning wager comes in during the course of the live action.


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