Astropay Betting Sites - Guide

Astropay Betting Sites - Guide

AstroPay is an ideal payment method for gamblers who don’t like using their credit or debit cards. This virtual prepaid card one of the top Astropay betting sites payment methods used by a majority of players in India. The best betting apps in India always offer this payment method! What this card grants the users is to make payments at Astropay casino sites without sharing personal information.

Best Astropay Betting Sites in India

Rank Rating Bonus Link

Up to 1,4 Lakh INR Casino Package


200% up to ₹50,000 Casino Bonus


100% Up To ₹25,000


Up to 1,05 Lakh Casino Bonus Package


100% up to ₹15,000 on 1st Deposit


Up to 1,00,000 INR + 150 Free Spins


100% up to 8,000 INR


500% Bonus Package


100% up to ₹30,000 Casino Bonus


Up to ₹1,15,000 Welcome Package


If you are considering using AstroPay as a banking option with cricket betting sites, you will need to dive deeper into how the whole system works. Learn more about this payment method, where you can use it, how to use it, and more, check out this new guide.

Sports Betting and Online Casino Sites that Supports Astropay

Best Astropay Betting Site

A great number of online betting sites and casino sites available in India should support paying via Astropay. As a matter of fact, the majority of legit Indian gambling sites are Astropay betting sites and Astropay casino sites. You will be able to check if a preferred casino offers payment via AstroPay by browsing the operator’s website.

Here are some of the benefits Indian casino players will have using this virtual prepaid card:

  • Instant money transfers, no approvals needed
  • Trustworthy - no sharing of personal info
  • Flexible but responsible - you can get almost any amount you want to spend on the card, and you will be able to spend only that amount
  • Accepted across India and allows payment in Rupees

The reason behind AstroPay being one of the most popular banking options globally is its accessibility, instant transactions, and confidentiality. Moreover, it offers a variety of different currencies, so INR betting with Astropay wouldn’t be a problem. However, using Astropay for betting online in Rupees is just one of the benefits.

Best Payments in Rupees

With alternative payment options such as this one, players in India can eliminate some risks brought by using credit cards or bank transfers. In other words, this is a much convenient and confidential banking method. In addition, deposits and withdrawals are instant meaning there will be no confirmation delays.

How to Use Astropay in Betting Sites?

In case you are interested in using AstroPay and you would like to know how you will be able to gain all the valuable information here. Via this short guide, you will get access to information about using the AstroPay in betting sites, and what it is that you need to make deposit and withdrawals this way. Casino players from India will be able to learn more about this virtual prepaid card, how to get it, and how to create an AstroPay account.

How to Deposit with Astropay in Betting Sites?

To be able to deposit using AstroPay at any online website, the user will first have to check whether the operator supports this banking method. If that is the case, the users will be able to register as a casino user by filling up the registration form. Then the user will be able to select AstroPay as a means to deposit funds onto that casino player’s account. Keep in mind that you will have to create an AstroPay account to be able to use this service.

Here are some steps you could expect to encounter at almost any Indian online casino when trying to pay with AstroPay:

  • First, you will have to log in to the chosen betting/casino website

Log in to select Method

  • Then, you will have to select AstroPay Card as the preferred method to deposit fund onto your casino/betting account

choose Astropay as preffered mehtod

  • Choose the amount you want to deposit and choose the preferred currency (INR)
  • Enter the virtual card details you received via email (16-digit card number, CVV, expiry date)

Astropay Final Step

  • Confirm the action and the funds will be deposited to your player’s account

Keep in mind that not all licensed sports betting and casino websites in India support this banking method. Even if a great number of them do, there are still those operators that offer some other payment methods. In order to get all the specific information about the possible fees, limitations, processing time, and more, you will need to check with the operator you have chosen.

The minimum and maximum amount of money you can deposit using this virtual card will depend on two things: the operator’s limits and the amount available on your AstroPay card.

Usually, the limits are as follows:

  • Minimum and maximum deposit with Astropay

INR 500 – 7,00,000

  • Minimum and maximum withdrawal to Astropay

INR 500 – 7,00,000

How to Withdraw using Astropay in Betting Sites?

Withdrawing funds in any Indian online casino or betting site using this virtual card is possible at the moment. You can withdrawal directly to a new automatically created Astropay card, meaning you are no withdrawing the funds back to the same cared you used for deposit. The funds go into your Astropay wallet and you can choose whether you want to deposit to another betting site or withdrawal the funds from Astropay to your bank account. Have in mind withdrawals from your Astropay account to your Bank incur a fee.

Betting sites Bonuses and Offers for Astropay Deposits

Yet another great benefit of using Astropay for funding your casino account is the bonuses. Indian online casinos often offer exclusive bonus offers to AstroPay users. The types of bonuses could vary, as well as the benefits they bring along.

exclusive promotions could be matched deposit bonuses, free spins, free casino credit, and more. You can check for the AstroPay exclusive bonuses at any casino or betting site that allows using this virtual card.

How to set up an AstroPay Account?

Setting up an AstroPay account for the Indian market is easy and could be done in a few simple steps. The first thing to do is to go to the provider’s official website and initiate the registration form. The future AstroPay users will also be able to do this via their mobile devices. Choose whether you want to sign in, sign up, or buy a card.

To create an account select Sign-Up and start inserting needed information. You will need to insert your full name, email, language, country of residence, and create a new password for your account. Afterwards, you will have to select your currency - in this case, INR, and choose the card amount which could vary from 700 to 70k Rupees. Also, you will need to select the number of prepaid cards you want and continue to your shopping cart.

Astropay top up methods

The third part is making the payment or buying the card. The user can opt for one of the available payment options in INR:

  • Airtel
  • Google Pay
  • Freecharge
  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Phone Pe
  • Jio Money
  • MobikWik
  • Ola Money

If some of the depositing options are not currently available you won’t be able to use them to purchases your virtual prepaid card. In case none of the payment options is available, you could visit resellers and get your card this way. The most popular certified resellers in India are E-card Outlet and Morpay. Once you are redirected to their websites you will have to register/login to be able to make a purchase.

How will I get my AstroPay card?

AstroPay Card is a virtual card, meaning that the users who decided to purchase this card will get it via email. Once all the preferred options are selected and the amount as been deposited you will receive an email with the card details. There, you will get a 16 digit card number along with the CVV and the expiry date. The users should know that this card could last only up to one year and that you cannot fund it again.

Once you spend all the funds available on the card, you won’t be able to use that virtual card again. Nevertheless, you can always go through the purchase process again and get a new card you can use when playing online casino games. Since acquiring this card is so easy, the whole process is not burdening at all for the user.

What is AstroPay?

Astropay card example

AstroPay is a payment solution for all the gamblers who want to keep their personal information to themselves. This virtual prepaid card allows you to deposit funds to almost any Indian online casino and bet/play freely and effortlessly. You should check whether a website or mobile casino is allowing this banking option. For example, you can download the 10CRIC App, go to their depositing methods, and see if there is AstroPay listed.

This is one one the most popular casino payment options in India as it is easy-to-use, safe, fast and it offers currency such as Rupees. Apart from that, this is a legal payment option used for online shopping in India. The company has been present on the market for more than a decade and it maintained to keep a good reputation over its years of existence.

Advantages of Astropay in 10CRIC India

If your preferred casino operator is 10CRIC India, you will be able to use this virtual card when depositing funds into your player’s account. Here are some of the advantages of AstroPay in 10CRIC:

Instant Deposits - Relying on instant transactions and instant deposits is one of the most important features of third party banking services. This is why AstroPay is remaining one of the most popular payment options among the casino players in India. It offers instant deposits without any additional steps, and it helps you fund your casino account in a matter of seconds.

Astropay Security - It is one of the most secure payment options available in this part of Asia. You can deposit funds on any online casino or betting site without worrying about any kind of scams. Apart from it being a disposable card, it carries less risk than other conventional payment options.

Flexible Limits - As the users can opt for a variety of card options and buy cards with different amounts on them it allows users to be responsible when gambling. This is extremely important for tracking your own finances and avoid spending more than you planned to. AstroPay card works like any normal deposit card and you cannot spend the funds you don’t have - which is the case with credit cards.

Deposit in Rupees with Astropay - Indian residents can now deposit in INR using this method. Using your own local currency is of great importance to some players, and this is precisely why this brand decided to include as many currencies as possible. Not only that you can get this virtual card issued in Rupees, but you can also pay in Rupees which is a great feature.

Confidentiality - Since this virtual card doesn’t contain any of your personal information you will be safe when using it. The risks of cybercrimes, getting your banking details exposed and identity theft have all been reduced by using this method.

What you need to consider when you are withdrawing from betting sites?

Withdrawing from betting sites or casinos could be regulated by various terms and conditions. One of the most important limitations regarding the withdrawal of your winnings is that some operators obligate you to withdraw using the same option you used to deposit. To break it down, those sites will allow you to withdraw your winnings to Astropay if you used AstroPay as means of depositing.

In case the selected casino allows players and bettors to withdraw using Astropay. The payment provider system will autogenerate a new Astropay card which will be used for the certain withdrawal. Once the funds are processed, you can decide whether you want to use them on a different betting site, on the same betting site or withdrawal them directly to your bank account.

Astropay Payment Method in India FAQ

If you are looking for answers to some of the most commonly asked question about Astropay payment method in India, you can check some of them below.

Is Astropay Legal to Use in India?

Yes. AstroPay is completely legal in India and the users can use it for all online purchases including depositing at betting sites and online casinos.

Is the AstroPay card safe?

Yes. AstroPay Card is one of the safest payment options in India. The reasons behind this are the fact that the card is disposable and risk-free, and that it doesn’t cotan any personal information about the users.

How do I transfer money from my AstroPay card to my bank account?

Transferring money from the AstroPay card to your bank account is done directly through the app. However, it is possible only available for virtual cards purchased through the partner’s sites.

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