UPI Betting Sites and Apps

UPI Betting Sites and Apps

The innovations in technology and the economy all around the world led to the creation of some efficient and convenient banking options. The same applies to the Indian economy, its casino industry, and banking methods. During the last decade, fast and low-cost online money transfer options have managed to replace some more conventional ones. 

Now, Net banking -  IMPS betting sites and UPI betting sites payment methods as well as UPI casino sites, and IMPS casino sites payment methods are the top used options for transferring funds. Dive deeper into the subject and read more information about UPI and Net Banking betting sites in Rupees.

Best UPI Betting Sites in India (2024)

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Sports Betting and Online Casino Sites that Supports UPI for Betting Online?

Once you dive into the world of sports betting and casino you will notice that there are some payment methods that are more used than others. In India, the most popular payment options are definitely UPI and IMPS bank transfers, which are available in the majority of the legit betting sites. Let us take a look at the benefits these two ways of digital payment bring to gamblers in India:

  • It makes both IMPS and UPI betting online in Rupees possible
  • Instant transfer velocity
  • Available 24/7 – except for Bank Holidays
  • UPI money transactions are safe as they occur in a highly encrypted format and it has a  2 Factor authentication
  • IMPS transfers can be done on multiple channels like Mobile, SMS, Browser, ATM, and USSD
  • INR betting with IMPS India Bank Transfer is easy and simple

UPI deposit

Surely, IMPS and UPI are the two growing banking options in India when it comes to online payments. Even if these are not the two most used methods for all money transfers in India, they definitely are quite popular in the online gambling world. More and more licensed casinos and sportsbooks favour users who prefer depositing with one of these.

How to Use UPI and IMPS (Net Banking) in Betting Sites?

Net Banking on Betting sites

If you are new to the whole iGaming world, then you could use a short guide on how to use these local Indian bank transfer systems - to be precise, UPI, and IMPS which you can find at almost any legit online casino. Besides, a great number of existing online casinos and betting sites are using the same approach. So, take a look at how to use UPI and IMPS at almost any online gambling website out there. Learn how to make deposits and withdrawals in an easy, safe, and fast way through just a few easy steps.

How to Deposit with a UPI and IMPS Local India Bank Transfer in Betting Sites?

Net Banking deposit

In order to make a deposit on any betting site or online casino in India using UPI and IMPS, you can follow the short guide below. Find out how to fund your player’s account here:

  • Register as a user at one of our recommended India betting sites
  • Go to the funding section or payment method section and choose the Net Banking option
  • Copy the banking details offered at the betting site: Account Holder Name, IFSC Code, Account Number (*for UPI you will be automatically redirected to the corresponding URL where to deposit)
  • Log in to your personal Net Banking system
  • Select IMPS/UPI and add the amount you want to deposit
  • Send funds to the Account holder details that you have copied from the betting site
  • Go back to the betting site payment section and fill in the form with the transaction’s details (RRN is mostly required in such cases)

For some transactions at certain casinos or betting sites, the users will have to add additional transfer details. This means you might need to provide a Screenshot of the transaction after inserting the deposit amount.

How to Withdraw using a UPI and IMPS Local India Bank Transfer in Betting Sites?

If you wish to withdraw funds using any of the mentioned banking options you will have to go through a similar process as explained in the text above. Here are the fields you usually need to fill in when requesting a WD via India bank transfer:

  • Account Holder Name – must be the same as the name you used to register at the betting site itself
  • IFSC Code
  • Your Account Number
  • Bank name – the name of the bank e.g. HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.

After submitting the form, most betting sites and casinos will process your withdrawal within 48 hours. NB! Note some of the sites will require your Betting Account Verification before processing your withdrawal.

IMPS Explained

IMPS or Intermediate Payment Systems is a money transferring system available to users all the time. It is a payment system serviced and maintained by NPCI which has a goal of making it possible for users to access the funds and pay via mobile devices. Finally, the only thing one needs to make the payment is the phone number of the other party, making payments via IMPS easy and simple.

IMPS Benefits

There are multiple benefits of using IMPS when making money transfer on a betting site or online casino. If you are considering using precisely this payment option when betting or playing online you should know what kind of perks you can expect. Take a look at some of the IMPS benefits:

  • Payment in INR available
  • Transfer limit of 2 Lakh Rupees per day
  • Instant fund transfer time
  • Available almost everywhere in India

The Participants for IMPS

  • Remitter - the one who sends the funds
  • Beneficiary - the one who receives the funds
  • Banks
  • National Financial Switch - NPCI services and manages IMPS

UPI Explained

UPI explained

Unified Payment Interface or UPI is similar to IMPS but more advanced. It is a sort of an identifier or money transferring ID used to make bank transfers via IMPS in India. Those looking for an instant transaction when playing online should consider using UPI. It allows complicated pieces of data to be converted into a virtual address, making the whole payment process much easier.

How UPI Works?

UPI as a layer of IMPS is a far less complicated way to transfer funds. All you need to make a transaction is a VPA or Virtual Payment Address. This network has a VPA ID unique to one bank account, which means that you don’t have to know the details such as the bank account to send someone funds. All you need is a VPA. 

To avoid waiting for hours to get a recipient or payee added you can use UPI and send or receive money instantly. You will need a phone number, a virtual payment address, or an Aadhaar unique identity number of the recipient. If you want to be able to use this system you will have to check whether your bank offers it. Then, you should choose whether you will need a local or a global address, which allows you to send and receive money via UPI. 

The way it works is that you have to give your virtual address when you desire to pay for something. Later on, you will be asked to verify the transaction via your mobile phone and once you provide the correct password the transaction will be complete.

UPI Benefits

The main benefit of UPI is definitely the simplicity and speed of transactions. The users will be able to pay using only their virtual address in a matter of seconds. Moreover, UPI is available 24/7 and it is getting more and more popular in India, meaning more and more banks are offering it. Lastly, this payment method is trustworthy and it also allows money transactions in Rupees.

UPI for Betting in India FAQ

If you have some additional questions and you would like to find answers to those questions, stick around. Here you can find some of the most commonly asked questions by UPI and IMPS users in India.

Does UPI and IMPS Support Payments in Rupees?

Yes, both methods support money transactions in INR. Once you select your preferred banking option, all you need to do is choose the currency and proceed with the depositing.

Are UPI and IMPS (Net Baking) Payment Methods Available in Online Indian Casinos and Sportsbooks?

Yes. Almost all online casinos and cricket betting sites in India offer IMPS and UPI. You can check for that info on your preferred operator’s website, in the payment options section.

Are UPI and IMPS (Net Banking) Legit Money Transferring Methods for Online Casinos in India?

Yes. Both of these bank transfer payment methods are completely legit to use in India.