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Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls, Pro Kabaddi (PKL), Today Match Prediction

Dome, NSCI, Mumbai.

The face-off of former champions for a spot in the Finals!!!

  • Jaipur Pink Panthers qualified for the semi-finals directly as they finished at the top of the points table.
  • The Bengaluru Bulls smashed Dabang Delhi by 32 points in the eliminator.
  • Jaipur and Bengaluru have faced each other 17 times in the PKL, each winning 8 matches.

Jaipur Pink Panthers will win.

Tournament: Pro Kabaddi (PKL) | Venue: Dome, NSCI, Mumbai.

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After all the festivities over 10 weeks, 4 teams are left to battle it out for the spot in the finals of season 9. The first semi-final will be between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and the Bengaluru Bulls. The Pink Panthers got a direct entry to the semi-finals by virtue of finishing on top in the points table. The Bengaluru Bulls smashed the defending champions in the eliminator to set up their clash with Jaipur in the semis. 

Both teams have had a phenomenal run this season. Jaipur Pink Panthers won 15 out of their 22 matches while the Bulls won 13 matches in the season. Both teams have a devastating trio of raiders and a lethal band of defenders.  

Jaipur will unleash star raider Arjun Deshwal while the Bulls will let loose Bharat Hooda. Bharat and Vikash Kandola both scored a Super 10 against Dabang Delhi in the eliminators. 

Jaipur has the best defender of the season Ankush while the Bulls will depend on Captain Saurabh Nandal. The Bulls surprised everyone by introducing defender Subramanian in the eliminator and he scored a Hi 5. This will be an explosive match with lots of fireworks and entertainment.

Jaipur Pink Panthers Preview

The Jaipur Pink Panthers have been arguably the best team of the season. They forged a lethal combination very early in the season. The Pink Panthers stuck to this combination which worked for them. 

Arjun Deshwal has been the best raider of the season as he earned 286 raid points from 228 successful raids. This includes 17 Super 10s which is the highest by any raider. Arjun also executed 7 Super raids in 22 matches which have been a highlight for him in this season.

Veteran Rahul Chaudhary and V Ajith complemented Arjun throughout the season. Both worked on their strengths and earned additional raid points helping Jaipur to beat formidable opponents with each. Rahul Chaudhary also completed 1000 raid points this season to become only the 3rd player to do so in the history of PKL. Rahul joined the elite company of Pardeep Narwal and Maninder Singh. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers had a dangerous defense comprising of left corner Ankush, Sahul Kumar, and Captain Sunil Kumar. Sahul Kumar did go through a few breakdowns in his form but defender Ankush was phenomenal. He executed 77 successful tackles in 22 league matches. He worked like a pocket dynamo attacking opposition raiders without an iota of doubt. His hunting was complemented by Captain Sunil Kumar who executed 56 successful tackles. 

As the Pink Panthers take on the Bulls, they will plan meticulously for both halves. The Pink Panthers lost their first league match to the Bulls by a margin of just 6 points. Jaipur tried a couple of young raiders and defenders in that match. But they returned the favor to the Bulls as the Pink Panthers hammered them in their next match by 20 points. Right corner Lucky Sharma scored a Hi 5. Arjun Deshwal has scored 23 points against the Bengaluru Bulls in 2 matches. 

The Pink Panthers have executed 239 successful team tackles in the season which is the highest by any team. They have inflicted 44 all-outs which is one less than table-toppers Bengaluru Bulls.

With a strong raiding team and lethal defense, the Jaipur Pink Panthers are ready to face the fully charged Bengaluru Bulls.

Bengaluru Bulls Preview

A “Fully Charged” Bengaluru Bulls are ready to take on the Jaipur Pink Panthers in the first semi-final of the season. The Bulls had to take the eliminator route as they finished 3rd in the points table after playing 22 matches. They won 13 matches while settling for a TIE in one game.

The Bulls forged a wonderful combination of raiders and defenders which helped them win consistently. Raider Bharat Hooda turned out to be the knight in shining armor as he scored 272 raid points in 215 successful raids. He was ably supported by Vikash Kandola and Neeraj Narwal. The defense was taken care of by Captain Saurabh Nandal and the left corner, Aman. Both were lethal and dangerous as they collected and executed 118 successful tackles in 22 matches. Mahender Singh provided that added spice to the defense. 

The Bulls were merciless against Dabang Delhi in the semi-finals. They thrashed the defending champions by 32 points in one of the most embarrassing defeats for Dabang. Raider Bharat scored 15 points while Vikash Kandola scored 13. The surprise package was defender P Subramanian who came in the place of Mayur Kadam. Subramanian scored a Hi 5 as he did not allow the Delhi raiders to earn. The Bulls took a lead of 17 points by halftime apart from inflicting 2 all-outs. The Bulls were fully charged and won the match thus setting up an epic clash with the Pink Panthers in the semi-finals.

The Bulls defeated Jaipur in their first league match but lost badly to them in their second encounter. But the way the Bulls played mercilessly in the eliminator, the Pink Panthers will be slightly under pressure. 

The Bengaluru Bulls have earned 917 team points which is the highest among all teams. They have inflicted 45 all-outs which is the highest for the season.

Raider Bharat has scored 20 points against the Pink Panthers while defender Saurabh Nandal has 4 tackle points in 2 matches. This will be one of the best clashes in the history of PKL as two ruthless teams will battle it out for a place in the finals of season 9.

Welcome to the face-off:

Raider Bharat vs Arjun Deshwal. 

Defender Saurabh Nandal vs Ankush. 

Both teams are equally equipped and lethal. Both teams have a dangerous trio of raiders along with an efficient defense. Jaipur depends on Arjun Deshwal while the Bulls will rely on Bharat Hooda. Both will score a Super 10. At least one defender from each team will score a Hi 5.

Jaipur will expect left corner Ankush and Captain Sunil to regulate the raid earnings of the Bulls. Defender Sahul Kumar’s form on that day will be crucial. It will be interesting to see if Jaipur uses the services of Iranian Mirbagheri.

The Bulls will surprise the Pink Panthers with certain moves. Just as they unleashed defender Subramanian in the eliminators, the Bulls will play some mind games. An epic match is on the cards as only one of the former champions can go ahead into the finals.

Jaipur Pink Panthers will win.


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Author: Pankaj Khiladino